Big Brother 12 Houseguest Annie Selling Show Props?

We are always on the lookout for anything interesting involving Big Brother out there for sale. This week we found something nifty on that might be a fun buy – if it is actually real. If it isn’t, well, it is a creative way to make a dollar off the Big Brother name. If it is real, but the person selling it doesn’t have approval to use the Big Brother name and sell props from the show… well, that would be interesting.

Big Brother 12 Sombrero?
Big Brother 12 sombrero for sale? (

The auction on eBay is titled “Big Brother Sombrero from P.O.V. comp “Cinco do Mayo” [sic] and is listed by a seller by the handle annie_bb12. Now, this seller’s name is quite close to eliminated houseguest Annie Whittington‘s Twitter profile name. Also, the auction supposedly originates from Tampa, where Annie lives. However, the seller has no previous auction listings and there is no verification this is the actual Annie from BB12 or anyone who knows her.

The description from the auction for the sombrero reads:

“This is the original sombrero worn in the P.O.V. competition of Big Brother Season 12 that changed the whole game! During the challenge ‘Cinco do Mayo,’ Brendon won the P.O.V., took himself off the block and was replaced with Annie.

Annie Whittington, the host of “cinco de mayo” wore this sombrero one time only during that competition. It is signed by Annie Whittington herself.”

The sombrero is listed for sale at a starting bid of $75.00 until August 16. So far, as of Tuesday afternoon, there are zero bids.

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