Big Brother: Celebrity Edition- 5 Fun Facts About Metta World Peace

Most Celebrity Big Brother fans know Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, from his aggressive behavior on the NBA court. Behavior that lead to one of the biggest incidents in NBA history, and his frequent suspensions or trades. Metta has since calmed down a lot.

Celebrity Big Brother Metta World Peace
Source: Instagram

His new easy-going attitude has many Big Brother fans worried that he no longer has the killer instincts to win Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. Before fans write Metta off for being too mellow, review some of his fun facts to see if he has what it takes to win the game.

1. He was on Many Teams

Metta started his professional career on the Chicago Bulls. From there, he played with eight different teams, including the Indiana Pacers, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, and New York Knicks. Metta spent his longest time with the Los Angeles Lakers: once from 2009-2013, and then from 2015-2017.

He won his first ring in 2010 with the Lakers.

2. His Name Change

Metta is his first name, and World Peace is his last name. Metta wanted his name to inspire international unity among the youth. Metta is a buddhist word meaning loving kindness and friendliness towards all.

3. He has a Rap Album

In 2006, Metta released a rap album called My World. It features tracks that includes collaborations with P.Diddy, Juvenile, Mike Jones, Nature, and many more. He has mentioned in the past that the album was more something for his fans, and not something he likes to promote too much.

4. Mental Health is Important to Him

Metta strongly advocates mental health awareness. He often donates to mental health programs all over the world, and he also speaks about it. In 2011-2012, Metta donated a large part of his salary to mental health awareness organizations. He also auctioned off his championship ring and the proceeds went to various charities dedicated to mental health.

5. He is Not Afraid to Make Fun of Himself

Metta has a recurring sketch on the Key and Peele show called “Metta World News.” He shot these short segments during one six-hour day. The premise came up because Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele wanted to do a series of news broadcast featuring black male celebrities that everyone agreed was crazy.

Then the duo found out that Metta was a fan, so they asked him to do the skits.

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