Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 24: Cockroaches and Puzzles

We had our usual Big Brother Friday feed blockage. This week, the feeds were down a little longer than normal for the week 3 Whacktivity competition. Christie Murphy, Analyse Talavera, Nick Maccarone, and Jessica Milagros were the lucky players chosen to compete in the Panic activity.Big Brother 21 turned into Fear Factor with houseguests having to move cockroaches to solve puzzles. Gross, we know. After getting pass the creepy crawlers, there was a Veto, a Diamond Power of Veto, at the end of that puzzle rainbow.

The morning feeds were short, so not much action. The main event was Nicole Anthony trying to warn Cliff Hogg III about Cliff Notes becoming part of the public domain, and part of Nick’s nomination speech. Cliff was shocked and immediately apologized to Nicole for outing the Fellowship of the Ziing. Cliff tried to show Nick that he trusted him by offering to be a pawn this week. He then tried to show Christie by making himself seem like a game loner.

These tactics might help Cliff, but also maybe not. Later, Tommy Bracco, Jack Matthews, and Christie were discussing who to evict this week between Jessica and Cliff. Jack thought Jess needed to go this week. Tommy and Christie disagreed. They thought that having Ovi Kabir and Cliff both in the game made them too strong of a force, so Cliff needed to go. Most likely Tommy and Christie will win this debate.

Also prior to switching to an eviction discussion, Christie revealed to Tommy that she was the Whacktivity prize winner. When feeds returned, everyone was denying winning it, but Jessica’s denial seemed especially suspicious. The majority of the Big Brother 21 house became convinced that she won it.  She had told him that she had the Diamond Power of Veto and it’s good for four weeks.

Jack entered the room right after Christie revealed her power news to Tommy. He then decided to reveal to Tommy that he won the Chaos competition and he had the power to force a repicking Veto player ceremony.

After the nomination ceremony, Gr8ful and Sam Smith started discussing Nicole. They realized that she had been sharing information with all of them that kind of would turn the alliance against each other. They agreed that Nicole was the enemy, and that she needed to be the one backdoored and evicted this week. The conversation was in the HOH room, but it was very loud, so the people not involved became suspicious. Ovi tried to go to the HOH room to talk to them about it, but he was excluded from entering, because of the no game talk with Camp Comeback people rule.

This upset Ovi, and Nicole and Cliff were already upset because they knew one of them were likely the target. Nicole also didn’t like how Gr8ful were treating people (isolation, being mean, etc.). David Alexander tried to talk to both Gr8ful about their behavior, and calm down Ovi a bit.

Also during the “we hate Nicole now” meeting, Gr8ful plus Sam, decided to rebrand themselves Unde9able. After a little time, things calmed a bit and they had a family dinner and spoke about what they were thankful for.

Eventually, Nicole and Bella had a talk but it was just Bella ranting at Nicole, which she later shared with members of Gr8ful. They started to change their tune about Nicole being this horrible manipulator. They also once again started to not trust Bella and Nick.

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