Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Whacktivity Week 3 Results

On Friday, the last Big Brother 21 Whacktivity played out. It was the Panic Whacktivity and the final players for it were: Analyse Talavera, Christie Murphy, Jessica Milagros, and Nick Maccarone. Last week, we saw Jack Matthews take the second Whacktivity, Chaos prize win. He won the power to force a redraw during a Power of Veto player picking ceremony. Week 1, we saw Ovi Kabir win the Nightmare Whackitivty prize. This power lets him force the Head of Household to redo their entire nominations. It will happen late at night after the nomination ceremony has already happened. The two players who were originally nominated would be safe that week.

Ovi is currently out of the game, until further notice, which means his power is as well. Ovi power is a very powerful one and has potential to really stir up the game, but Jack’s power is kind of mild and could have no effect on the game depending on players picked the second time around. Therefore, we could really get a mixed result with this final prize. Julie Chen teased that this week’s Whacktivity prize would bring the return of a classic power, one that we haven’t seen in awhile. Most of the classic Big Brother powers like Coup C’etat, Diamond Power of Veto, and Pandora’s Box had a lot of potential to create chaos and disrupt the current game order, so here’s hoping whoever wins it, wins one of these powers and uses them well.



Christie confirmed to Tommy that she won it. She won the Diamond Power of Veto. 

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