Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 2 Block Nominations (7/12/19)

Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang are technically active members of the Big Brother 21 Gr8ful alliance, but they’re also at the very bottom of it. Their fellow Gr8ful members don’t trust them, and they don’t trust the majority of Gr8ful, but like a dysfunctional marriage, they stay together because it’s the safer, more comfortable option. During her eviction speechKemi Fakunle tried to make a big move by outing Nick and Bella as players playing both sides. It’s possible it would have worked, if Nick didn’t win the Head of Household competition right after it.

Nick could strike first and make a move against Gr8ful before they have a chance to get him out, and he might, but right now he wants to play it safe. He spoke to Gr8ful about nominating Jessica Milagros and Cliff Hogg III, and then evicting either. No one wants to take out a big player this week because Camp Comeback happens on Thursday, which means either Kemi, Ovi Kabir, David Alexander, or this week’s evicted houseguest will return to the game.

So did Nick continue to play the middle and pick the safe choice of Cliff and Jessica?



Nick nominated Cliff and Jessica for eviction.

Join us tomorrow to see who takes home the Veto, and if they’ll use it to save either Cliff or Jessica this week.

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