Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 23: Eviction Night Causes High Tensions

The post-Big Brother 21 episode Live Feeds were thrilling, at least for a few hours. We had tensions at an all-time high after Kemi Fakunle’s explosive speech about Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang. Tonight, we really saw the thrilling potential of Camp Comeback. Bella and Nick’s exposed party didn’t go far, because with Nick in control, there wasn’t really much anyone could do with the info.

Instead, Gr8ful basically congratulated themselves on a successful night. Analyse Talavera and Holly Allen found themselves worried about Nick being Head of Household, because he had tried to get the target on them by mentioning their names to players like Nicole Anthony. The rest of Gr8ful, especially Tommy Bracco was confident that Nick would stick with their alliance, especially after Kemi’s speech.

Jackson Michie also tried to protect Holly by using his hinky vote to put a bigger target on Cliff Hogg III and Nicole’s back. He informed Holly of this, and the two shared a (first?) kiss, turned makeout session. He then later told Jack Matthews about the hinky vote and how he didn’t want anyone else to know, but then he constantly brought it up to everyone else.

Analyse and Tommy started to figure out what Jackson did with the vote and why, but Jack tried to make them think Nicole was the vote. They didn’t buy it, but neither of them thought it was important enough to focus on. In other showmance news, Nick and Bella gloated about their kiss when Nick won HOH. They could now be even more open about their showmance in the Big Brother 21 house.

Kemi and Bella tried to avoid each other, but they had one argument that got intense. Nick told Sam Smith and others that he personally felt hurt by Kemi’s move because he thought he had been a good friend to her in the house.

Nicole was completely worried about this week. She had a talk with Cliff and told him about the eight. She then also talked to Kemi about it, and she tried to think of an elaborate plan to try to create tension in that alliance, then the target could be off of her and on to someone else. Nick mentioned early in the night that he was still thinking about his nominees, but he was leaning towards nominating Nicole and Jessica Milagros. His alliance will/is definitely going to push more towards a Nicole and Cliff nomination.

Bella and Jess talk about her reasons for outing the Black Widows. Bella of course makes up a story about her believing Jess told Kat and having to protect her game. Jackson overplays it with the hinky vote and everyone figures out it was him, and that he was trying to get the target on Nicole.

Kemi gets her Camp Comeback outfit and Nick has his HOH room reveal. Nick decided that he wants to keep Nicole on his side, so he plans to nominate Jess and Cliff with Kathryn Dunn as his backup option. Nick also said that he wanted to win the Whacktivity power this week and use it to hijack his own nominations and put up Jackson and Jack.

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