Big Brother 22 Spoilers Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (10/05/20)

This week started with Cody Calafiore taking the Big Brother 22 Head of Household crown. His plan was to target Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott, and he executed that plan by nominated them on Friday,  and then this week’s Big Brother: All-Stars Veto Competition took place. Tyler and Christmas both really needed this Veto win, because neither should feel safe at this stage in the game. The vote could also go either way with two enticing targets on the block.

Big Brother Power of Veto Box

All of the final six got to play in this week’s timed Veto competition. We learned a little about how the fight for the Veto played out after feeds returned on Saturday. The results weren’t good for either of the nominees.

Cody won the Power of Veto , but not only that, Tyler had no chance to win it, as he timed out, as did Enzo Palumbo. It’s a bad week to be Tyler or a Tyler fan. Enzo and Cody have been trying to tell Tyler that he’s safe this week, but he knows that’s not true. Right now, Tyler is likely leaving the Big Brother 22 game on Thursday, but luckily for him, Christmas tends to annoy the other houseguests.

They may get so annoyed by her that they decide to evict her instead of Tyler on Thursday. I expect the houseguests to go back and forth about who to evict until Thursday’s live eviction. As of now, there is no way Cody is using the Veto to save Christmas or Tyler.



Cody did not use the Veto. On Thursday, either Tyler or Christmas will fall one place short of the final five and join the Big Brother 22 jury.


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