Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Which Jury Member is Back in the Game?

8-22-2013 06-52-54 PMOn Big Brother 15 tonight, the four Jury members so far had the chance to compete in an epic Head of Household endurance competition to determine which of them would come back into the game. In never-before-seen twist, the Jury members competed alongside the regular HouseGuests in a dual challenge with the chance to not only get back into the house but do it as the new Head of Household.

Jessie, Judd, Candice and Helen (evicted tonight) dove back in with a fury tonight, determined to compete for another chance at winning a half million dollars. The opportunity was especially sweet for Helen, who was just booted out the door thanks to former ally Andy and Head of Household Aaryn’s unwillingness to dare Amanda’s anger.

Want to know who won Head of Household and which Jury member is now back in the game? Just keep scrolling below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

The competition started on the CBS Big Brother 15 eviction show and continued on the Big Brother Live Feeds after the show went off the air. Unfortunately, CBS seemed to be having trouble with the Feeds — perhaps due to the overwhelming demand — and we missed the first twenty minutes of the competition.

Jessie was the first Jury member to fall and leave with curses. Just over an hour into the competition, Helen came down, followed shortly by Candice just moments later. That left Judd still on the wall and with another chance at a half million dollars!

Click on over to our ongoing live recap of the competition still going on right now to find out who wins the HoH!


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