Big Brother 15’s Elissa Slater on Anderson Cooper as a Bridezilla (VIDEO)

Before Elissa Slater appeared on Big Brother 15, she looked kind of different in a segment on Anderson Cooper about bridezillas. Apparently back when Elissa was getting ready to marry her uber-rich current husband, her bridesmaids weren’t so happy about her wedding planning insanity. So Elissa and her bridesmaids went on Anderson Cooper for a confrontation about her bridezilla ways.

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In her appearance on the show, Elissa Slater had to promise to give up her “hair book” and let guest star Kim Zolciak throw it out, commit to final wedding date of June 30, and agree to let viewers choose her final bridesmaids’ dresses. She agreed to all three conditions and won a trip to Mexico as a prize.

Interestingly enough, we think Elissa looks a lot less like her sister Rachel Reilly in this video. Somewhere along the way, Elissa’s rather normal size lips, rounded chin and perky cheekbones morphed into a Rachel look-a-like swollen trout mouth and jawline and cheek bones of knifelike sharpness.

If Elissa had looked like this when she went into the BB15 house, the other HouseGuests might not have recognized her. Oddly, she doesn’t even sound the same in this video as she does now. Did she take voice lessons since the wedding in order to sound exactly like Rachel too?

One thing that hasn’t apparently changed? Her need to have the entire world revolve around her exactly the way she wants it…

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