Big Brother Reality Rally 2014 Roundup! [PHOTOS]

This year’s Reality Rally 2014 was stuffed full of Big Brother stars from all over. A horde of Big Brother alumni, as well as a slew of other reality TV stars, headed off to Temecula, California this past weekend for the massive charity event. While their goal may have been to raise money for Michelle’s Place, a breast cancer resource center, the side benefit was having a blast with each other while they were there!

Reality Rally Big Brother

For those who might not be aware, Reality Rally is an annual gathering of reality TV stars for a mini-Amazing Race type competition in the name of charity, among other events. The 3-day weekend raises money each year for a deserving charity and is usually a big success. The charity event usually brings in over 100 reality TV alums from various shows, including Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and more.

This year, we had quite a few familiar faces from Big Brother 15, Big Brother Canada 1, and other seasons as well, including Helen Kim, Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas, Elissa Slater, Nick Uhas, Jessie Kowalski, Ian Terry, Adam Poch, Chef Joe Arvin, Andrew ‘Captain Kosher’ Gordon, Danielle Reyes, Liza Stinton, Kaitlin Barnaby, Jeff Schroeder, Eddie McGee, and the list goes on…

From photos posted all over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, it looks like the Big Brother and Big Brother Canada alumni attending Reality Rally 2014 had way too much fun all in the name of a good cause. We couldn’t even keep track of the dozens and dozens of pics being tweeted out, but we have tried to bring you some of the most fun ones below!

(Click the thumbnails for bigger pics or to scroll through!)

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