Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony!

What a week so far! We have the Big Brother Canada spoilers for the week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony and things have gone all kinds of nuts inside the house!

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If you missed the Big Brother Canada 2 spoilers on the Power of Veto Competition, you’re in for a treat. This certainly not y0ur typical week on BBCAN and we’re having blast watching all the twists and turns unfold.

At the Power of Veto Competition, Adel used his special power to prevent Allison from playing and replaced her in the challenge. He did not, however, end up winning the PoV. Instead, that honor went to Head of Household Jon.

With both HoH and PoV, Jon thought he had all the power in the house wrapped up in a neat little bow. So he and Neda decided to have a chat with eviction nominees Sabrina and Rachelle about making a deal.

The end results was that when the Power of Veto Ceremony happened, Jon actually used the PoV to take Rachelle off the block. We thought at first Jon might put up Allison as the backdoor nominee… but that plan didn’t really pan out. Turns out Allison did an awesome job of managing to convince Heather and Neda not to trust Arlie and how he needed to be voted out of the house.

The girls immediately ran off to Jon and, crazily, actually convinced him that Arlie needed to be backdoored instead of Allison. So when the PoV Ceremony took place, Jon put up Arlie as the replacement nominee. Ouch for Arlie!

Oh but things just got even more fun from there. This was the last week for Allison to use her secret Red Veto power to save someone from the block. Since she didn’t end up needing to use the special power for herself, Allison decided to use it to take Sabrina off the block! Jon then named Adel as the replacement nominee for him (as a pawn).

In the midst of shock all around, Allison said she had to use the Red Veto so that it would ensure Arlie gets voted out this week. She told her alliance that having Arlie up against one of their own would make sure there were enough votes to get Arlie out. Allison is now working with Jon, Neda, and Heather to stack up the votes so this happens.

Of course, if Allison switches over to vote with Sabrina and Rachelle to get out Adel instead of Arlie… we might end up with a whole new power shift in the house. It would be a big move for her and probably a smart one. She could then ally with Sabrina, Rachelle, and Arlie in a final four alliance that could potentially walk away with the next Head of Household without too much trouble.


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