Big Brother Canada 2: Watch Episode 18 Online [VIDEO]

We wish we could tell you we had found a new video source for how to watch Big Brother Canada online, but we have not. However, there is still a free and relatively easy way to watch Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 18 at the official website, even if they don’t live in Canada.

Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 18 (1)

While some people have experienced issues with this method of how to watch Big Brother Canada 2 online, it does work for many people. And while there have been times it has stopped working, it has usually started working again in a day or two. Right now, we are able to use this method to watch all the videos on the Big Brother Canada official website with no problems.

As always, we caution all Big Brother fans to obey all laws in your country regarding viewing content from Canada online.

We also urge you to beware of links you may find in search or on YouTube or other sources promising to take you to the full Big Brother Canada episodes. These are almost always fake and generally lead to downloading viruses and malware than can do severe damage to your computer or steal your information.

Check out the instructions below. These are not referral links, and we do not earn anything from you using Hola or anything like that. Just FYI. Also, the Hola add-on is safe and free of viruses and malware.

Here is a rather easy method for how to watch Big Brother Canada episodes and Live Feeds online at the website.

  1. Make sure you have the Google Chrome Internet browser installed.
  2. Intall Hola, a Chrome browser add on that lets you easily select which “country” you would like to viewa website from.
  3. After closing and opening your browser, navigate to
  4. Click the Hola icon on the top right of your browser window and select the Canadian flag. Wait for the browser to refresh or refresh it manually.
  5. Navigate to the videos section at and choose your video to play. And hope it works!

For those who just want to watch the Live Feeds, you can also use BBViewer. You will need to download the .air file from dropbox and be sure to have Adobe Air installed.

If you are interested in watching the episodes live online as they are aired, check out the post below.

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