Big Brother: Celebrity Edition- 5 Fun Facts About Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell is a giant among sports fans. The guy basically became the reason MMA is so well known and popular today. He’s a legend. Despite Chuck’s long list of historical sports achievements, many non-sports Celebrity Big Brother fans–or non-MMA/UFC fans–don’t know who he is and what he has done in his career.

Chuck Liddell Celebrity Big Brother
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For those clueless Big Brother: Celebrity Edition fans, C we did our best to dig up five interesting facts that cover some of his sports achievements, and just some random tidbits about his life.

1. He’s a Hall of Famer

In 2009, Chuck was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. His overall kickboxing record includes 22 fights with 20 wins and 2 loses. He had 16 knockouts. His mixed martial arts record includes 29 fights: 21 wins, 13 knockouts, and 8 loses. To summarize, Liddell is a beast at kickboxing and MMA.

2. A First for ESPN

In 2007, Chuck was the first MMA fighter to ever appear on ESPN magazine. Many credit this historical event as the thing that helped bring MMA into mainstream.

Chuck Liddell ESPN

The following year, with excitement and curiosity at a high, Liddell released his autobiography: Iceman: My Fighting Life.

3. His Early Ambitions

Chuck made his UFC debut in 1998. The following year, a friend and him decided to open up a kickboxing gym called SLO Kickboxing. The gym taught kickboxing, weight training, and mixed martial arts. By the end of the first year, Liddell was making around $4,000 to $5,000 a month from SLO Kickboxing.

4. His Colorful Movie Credits

Chuck has a long history of appearing in movies and television shows, usually as himself. However, his most interesting credit is that he appeared in the 1981 adaptation of The Postman Always Rings Twice. This version of James M. Cain’s famous novel starred Jessica Lange, Jack Nicholson, and Anjelica Huston.

Chuck had an uncredited role as a boy scout. He was only twelve when he appeared in the film.

5. How the Iceman Became the Iceman

Chuck Liddell, Iceman

Originally, Chuck had the nickname among his peers as the Snowman. He got the name because during one of his fights he was describe as being like a snowball: white, compact, rolling, and getting bigger and stronger as the fight continued.

He got the nickname Iceman because he was described as having ice running through his veins. During his fights, Liddell showed no real signs of distress. He was able to stay calm and collected before, after, and during his matches. He was like an Iceman.

Liddell has also described himself as being able to handle any situation and personality. If true, Chuck should be able to handle the pressure of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

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