Who Won Big Brother 15 Head of Household for Week 9? 8/22/2013

8-22-2013 06-44-38 PMFinally, we had quite the exciting episode of Big Brother tonight! After weeks of predictable votes and boring evictions, a new twist threw some real fun into the mix this evening. The four current Jury members, including the HouseGuest evicted tonight, battled it out for a chance to get back into the game. Now the rest of the Big Brother 15 cast has to deal with a HouseGuest they were responsible for voting out. Cue the major drama!

Tonight on Big Brother 2013 was a crazy roller coaster ride. First we had all the catfights, tears and insanity of Helen Kim’s dramatic attempt to stay in the house once she found out the odds were stacked against her and her ally Andy Herren had betrayed her. Then we had the live eviction, which pretty much went as we expected. Helen got the boot with only her closest ally Elissa Slater’s vote to support her.

Such a huge waste this week was! Not that we like Helen all that much, but Head of Household Aaryn Gries could have totally backdoored Amanda Zuckerman and broken up the McCranda showmance. Hell, she could have stripped them of power if she’d just been willing to flip against Spencer at the last minute, as she was approached to do by Andy and GinaMarie Zimmerman. Instead, she went and squealed to Amanda and Spencer instead! We hope Aaryn gets evicted shortly and realizes how pointless her four Head of Household wins really were in the end.

We digress! While we’d love to see Aaryn’s head on the block next, it’s all about who won the Big Brother Head of Household Competition tonight. With McCrae Olson, Amanda, Spencer Clawson and Aaryn all (currently) working together, it was do or die for Elissa Slater to crush the rest of the HouseGuests like she did in the Veto Competition. Aaryn, who knows she is in danger from her own allies, was praying for GinaMarie to take the win, knowing that would give her safety for another week. No one could afford to throw this HoH challenge!

So who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight for week 9 and which Jury member will be returning? Keep on reading below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

The four Jury members are waiting to compete with the rest of the HouseGuests in a dual Head of Household/returning player competition.

8-22-2013 06-52-54 PMAnd it’s a wall challenge! The Jury members are on one side and the regular HouseGuests are on the other. They have to stand on a tiny square and catch ten balls. The first one to get the 10 balls will win the Head of Household. If it is a Jury member, they will get back in the game AND be the new HoH. Of course, the little squares they are standing on go up and down while the balls are thrown at their heads. Jessie is the first person to catch a ball!

Back from a commercial break and everyone is still up on the wall, totally wet. She tells everyone goodnight. Quite a few people have at least one ball now. Jessie has TWO. And the CBS show is now over. Please click away if you want to wait until Sunday to find out who wins and who comes back in the house!

8-22-2013 07-27-40 PMFeeds are back at 7:25 PM ET and we still have people on the wall! Andy, GinaMarie, Elissa and Amanda are still up on the regular HouseGuests side. Judd, Helen, Candice and Jessie are still up on the Jury side. Andy is out at 7:30 PM! Feeds cut out again… and come back about five minutes later. Everything looks the same still… until Jessie falls off!

Judd offers to pay all the remaining players $5,000 if they will jump off. Candice says Judd can’t say that. Candice, Helen and Judd remain of the Jury members. GinaMarie, Elissa and Amanda remain on the regular HouseGuests side. Aaryn can’t remember the lines she is supposed to be saying for taping for Sunday’s show. So production has to chime in and the Feeds go to trivia again.

Back again and Judd has three balls but says there is no way he can hang on. Elissa has five balls and we think she is in the lead. Suddenly, some crazy character in a red wig and face paint runs onto the field yelling how big a fan he is. The guy is then chased off the field by a fake security guard. This was obviously something for the cameras and a distraction to try to knock someone else out. It fails to do so.

8-22-2013 07-40-36 PMAn hour into the competition and Elissa is still in the lead. No one else has fallen off yet. Elissa has six balls, Judd and Amanda have five each. GM and Helen have three. Candice has two.

And Helen is out at 8:06 PM! Followed by Candice just moments later. JUDD is the Jury member coming back into the house! He says he wants to start a clean slate with everyone… and now we’ll have to see if he can win the Head of Household too.

Apparently not! Judd goes down and it is down to GinaMarie, Elissa and Amanda. Elissa is in the lead! Amanda nearly falls off and barely catches herself. Then Elissa takes a nosedive and manages to save herself with a crazy move just inches above the ground. All that yoga flexibility just paid off big time. Elissa is still in the lead but Amanda is creeping up on her.

And the balls fly once again… and Elissa has caught her last ball. Elissa is the new Head of Household!

8-22-2013 08-45-00 PMAs Elissa celebrates her win, we can’t help but notice how Andy jumps right in there and grabs her to hug her and spin her around… like he didn’t just stab her and Helen in the back at the eviction. We see you Andy… we see you.

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