Who Was Evicted From Big Brother 15 Tonight? 8/22/2013

8-22-2013 04-17-38 PMRight before the Big Brother 15 live eviction show on Thursday night, a crazy thing happened inside the house. We absolutely thought we knew who would be the person who was evicted from Big Brother tonight. And then, all of a sudden, a group of HouseGuests who had been planning to vote together to evict one of the nominees this week started seriously talking about flipping their votes against the other person on the block.

For all of ten minutes, it seemed like there might actually be a very shocking, blindside eviction tonight that would shake up the whole house. We started to feel really excited about the possibilities…

Then Aaryn Gries ruined it all. Yes, Aaryn. The same Aaryn who is the current Head of Household and wasted the opportunity to put up power showmance couple Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson together on the block this week. And then, when one of her nominees, Elissa Slater, won the Power of Veto and saved herself, failed to use that opportunity to backdoor Amanda when she could have gotten the votes to evict her. Now THAT would have been a huge move.

When Aaryn was basically handed the chance to lead a crazy awesome vote flip movement today and get out one of McCranda’s allies, thus weakening them and potentially getting one of them out next week —- she immediately turned around and ratted the conspirators out. This led to Amanda wading in and basically shoving everyone around until they were back on the plan to evict Helen Kim. Still, we were secretly hoping that everyone would just go crazy and decide to vote Spencer Clawson out anyway and defy McCranda’s voting manipulations.

After it was all said and done, who was evicted on Big Brother tonight in week 8? Just click the plus sign underneath our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

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Sadly, thanks to Andy’s backstabbing betrayal of Helen, and Aaryn’s fear of Amanda and squealing on the vote flipping discussion, this week’s eviction was pretty much yet another predictable blah moment. All the voting HouseGuests cast their vote for Helen to be evicted except her closest friend in the house, Mom Squad alliance mate Elissa.

Here are the results of the live vote:

McCrae: Votes to evict Helen
Amanda: Votes to evict Helen
Elissa: Votes to evict Spencer
Andy: Votes to evict “my dear friend” Helen
GinaMarie: Votes to evict Helen

Of course, this week being evicted doesn’t necessarily mean you are out of the game. Right after being kicked out of the house, Helen got the chance to compete against fellow Jury members Jessie, Judd and Candice for the opportunity to go back in the game. Stay tuned for the results of their competition to earn a place back inside the house coming in just a few minutes!


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