Big Brother 15 Recap: Week 8 Live Eviction & HoH/Jury Competition! 8/22/2013

Big Brother 2013 House - Host Julie ChenWe have a wild ride ahead tonight on Big Brother 15’s week 8 live eviction show! First we’ll have all the drama leading up to this week’s vote, then we’ll have the tears and hugs as the evicted HouseGuest heads out the door. But wait! They may not be gone for good because the four members of the Jury House, including tonight’s eliminated player, will have the chance to compete to rejoin the game. Buckle your seatbelts for our Big Brother live recap starting right now!

Because of the Jury member competition this evening, it is highly likely we will not find out who won Head of Household on the CBS Big Brother 15 eviction show tonight. Instead, you’ll have to switch over to the Live Feeds to watch the challenge play out and learn who will be running the house for the next week. (And hope, with us, it isn’t some lackey of McCranda’s again.) If you don’t have the Feeds, you can sign on for a two-day free trial right now and tune in after the CBS show to watch all the action go down.

There are so many possibilities about what might happen this evening that we’re actually a bit giddy with excitement. Finally! After weeks of getting just a tad bit bored (okay, sometimes a LOT bored) with the HouseGuests this season, we’re ready for a hot new twist to shake things up. We just can’t decide who would be the most fun to watch come back into the game… and possibly end up as Head of Household right off the bat!

ScreenShot1974If Candice comes back in, Ginamarie will go absolutely ballastic and there is some actual possibility she might be the second person to self-evict over a head-butting incident. (Remember Willie Hantz? Wasn’t that scary but fun?) It is possible that if Judd re-enters the house, McCrae might just decide to throw over his showmance girlfriend to make a new final two alliance and try to backdoor his beau if he has the chance. As for Helen, well, if she had another chance, she might well convince GinaMarie, Andy, Elissa, Aaryn and Spencer to team up against McCrae and Amanda. It’s possible! Wait, wasn’t there someone else… oh, Jessie. Let’s just hope Jessie doesn’t come back because, well, Jessie would likely accomplish nothing and get evicted again ASAP.

Our live Big Brother recap of the week 8 eviction show kicks off in just a few minutes right here on this page. Stay tuned!

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And here we go! First up we have our intro from host Julie Chen and a brief review of how we arrived to the events of tonight’s show. For the first time ever, a Jury member will return to the game and the HouseGuests have no idea. (Well, actually, they’ve talked about it maybe happening quite a lot inside the house on the Live Feeds.) And it’s the biggest Head of Household Competition of the summer! (We can’t wait to find out what THAT means.)

Julie says we can expect all hell to break loose when the HouseGuests find out a Jury member is returning to the game. But first, with tears and promises, Helen will stop at nothing to stay in the game.

8-20-2013-10-25-21-AMWe pick up tonight at the end of the Veto Ceremony and Spencer has been put up against Helen as the replacement nominee. Aaryn says she really wanted to put up Amanda but she was too afraid of her. Helen thinks Aaryn is being bullied by Amanda and she talks with Elissa and Aaryn and tells them they have to work together if they are going to survive. Andy comes in and Helen says he is the swing vote. Andy says he is not a swing vote, he is totally behind her. Helen says if she gets evicted, it will be on him (and cries while she says all this). Andy says he doesn’t like that she is even questioning him and she shouldn’t have to. Aaryn says McCranda will find out about this conversation. Helen says they shouldn’t if everyone keeps their mouths shut.

And Andy goes right to Amanda and tells her all about their conversation. Meanwhile, Helen campaigns McCrae to support him. McCrae says he wishes Amanda would change her mind. Helen tells him that she needs to stand up to Amanda and play his own game. She drags in how Amanda talks to him and it breaks her hurt, and how will she act toward him if they end up getting married? She asks him why he is so scared of her. She says he is not afraid of Amanda. In Diary Room, he says Helen telling him he has to have balls is very off-putting. Amanda interrupts and comes to fetch McCrae, so she knows he was talking to her.

McCrae tells Amanda that Helen was calling her a bully. Amanda is seriously pissed off that Helen is “attacking me on a personal level” when she hasn’t done that to Helen. She tells Spencer and Andy what Helen said. McCrae says Helen told him Amanda pushes him around and carries him. Amanda is like, how do I boss you around ever? McCrae says, well, you can be bossy. Spencer says Amanda is “assertively honest.” Amanda says Helen is just pissed that she beat her at her own game.


Elissa and Helen corner GinaMarie about her vote and try to convince her that they can be her allies but Spencer is dangerous. Helen says that Amanda wants to get them separate so they can’t gang up on her. Helen says they have to tell Andy that if he doesn’t vote to keep Helen, they are going to put him on the block if one of them wins Head of Household.

Helen and Elissa confront Andy and say they know he is going to vote against Helen. They threaten him that if he votes Helen out, people will come after him. Aaryn is soaking all this in to report back to Amanda, by the way. Helen says Andy has no targets on him right now but if he votes Helen out, Elissa and GinaMarie will target him. In Diary Room, Andy says he becomes terrified when he thinks he might go up for eviction.

Back from break and host Julie Chen is talking to the HouseGuests. She says often the players are “intentionally left in the dark” and that was the case this week. We get some clips of the HouseGuests running around playing the Have/Have Not competition totally in the dark. GinaMarie says she had a lot of training for roaming around in the dark in her life. Interesting. Julie says in this week’s Veto Competition, Elissa was clearly “in it to win it” and get get clips of Elissa knocking the heck out of the other players to get the Veto. She left Andy with a black eye after he got knocked down. He says he was terrified of Elissa and the burning ambition in her eyes.

8-22-2013 06-30-14 PMNow it’s time for the live vote to begin and the final pleas from the eviction nominees. Spencer says hello to his friends and family. He says everyone in the house is awesome and he hopes they will vote to keep him. He says he understands if Elissa needs to vote for Helen because of their friendship. Helen gives a call out to her friends and her husband, who she thanks for taking care of their house and their kids. Helen says he would love to stay and live her dream some more. She says she loves them all and it has been the “best of times and not the worst of times” while she has been in the house.

Here are the results of the live vote:

McCrae: Votes to evict Helen
Amanda: Votes to evict Helen
Elissa: Votes to evict Spencer
Andy: Votes to evict “my dear friend” Helen
GinaMarie: Votes to evict Helen

By a vote of 4 to 1, Helen has been evicted from the Big Brother 15 house and is now a member of the Jury. As such, she will join Jessie, Judd and Candice in a competition to re-enter the game.

Helen is crying all over the place but she gives hugs to everyone, including Amanda and McCrae. She says she loves everyone as she walks out the door and the other HouseGuests applaud. In her exit interview, Julie asks about her final two deal with Andy and McCrae. Helen says she worried a lot but she knew in her heart that Andy loved her and she was hoping he would want to make a big move. She says he wasn’t willing to take out a huge player though.

8-22-2013 06-32-06 PMJulie asks her if she regrets not getting Amanda out earlier. Helen says she thought Judd was more scary and everyone wanted Amanda out so she thought someone else would get him out. She says there were all these conspiracy theories about Judd and it just made him seem more dangerous. Julie asks Helen how much of her tears were real and how much was strategy. Helen says that she would have cried a river to stay in the house. She says she went down screaming and crying, fighting to the end.

In the goodbye messages, Andy says she was good to him but she was bad to people he needs in the game and that’s why he had to get rid of her. McCrae says Helen wanted to go after the most important person in the game, his queen, so he had to get her out. Amanda says Helen targeted her and so she had to go. Elissa says she will miss Helen every single day and fight to win it all for them.

8-22-2013 06-36-26 PMHelen says if she had to do it again, she would not have taken Howard out, she would have taken Amanda out instead. Host Julie tells Helen that she and the rest of the members of the Jury will be competing to go back into the house. Helen dances around like crazy… and then asks if she gets food first because she is a Have Not and hasn’t eaten any real food today. Julie says no, that’s part of the game. LOL.

Now we FINALLY get some clips of the Jury House. Apparently they did all get to be together and were not kept separate because of the returning player twist. They show Judd arriving and seeing Candice. They hug it out and Judd tells Candice that he was backdoored by Andy and didn’t see it coming. Judd thinks Helen will be the next one through the door but Candice doesn’t think so.

8-22-2013 06-42-41 PMJudd literally groans when Jessie walks in but he hugs her. He says he was really mad at her for voting her out. He also says he kind of forget how hot she was. Jessie tells them all kind of juicy stuff about what everyone was doing in the house. Judd is still hanging on to hope that he might be able to get back in the house.

The Jury members get an envelope that tells them they shouldn’t get too comfortable in the Jury house because one of them will be going back into the game. Judd says he is going to be like “pest control and get rid of a few snakes.” Judd says he would go after Helen and Amanda. Jessie says she would go after the people who voted her out. Candice says she wants to get rid of GinaMarie.

8-22-2013 06-44-38 PMBack in the studio and the four Jury members are waiting to compete. Judd is wearing his infamous bear shirt. Julie tells them they will not get immunity but they will get to compete for the Head of Household this week. Now it’s time to break the news to the other HouseGuests. Julie calls them all to gather in the living room. She counts them up, confirms they are all there and drops the bomb that the Jury members will compete and one of them will be coming back into the game. Elissa is really, really excited and clapping! Everyone else is freaking out.

The Jury members all come back in the house and they are screaming and yelling all over. Everyone is hugging everyone except, well, Jessie isn’t getting quite as much of a nice response as the others. Julie herds everyone out in the backyard for the dual Head of Household/returning player competition.

8-22-2013 06-52-54 PMAnd it’s a wall challenge! The Jury members are on one side and the regular HouseGuests are on the other. They have to stand on a tiny square and catch ten balls. The first one to get the 10 balls will win the Head of Household. If it is a Jury member, they will get back in the game AND be the new HoH. Of course, the little squares they are standing on go up and down while the balls are thrown at their heads. Jessie is the first person to catch a ball!

Back from a commercial break and everyone is still up on the wall, totally wet. She tells everyone goodnight. Quite a few people have at least one ball now. Jessie has TWO.

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