6-28-2013 09-59-29 AMOn Big Brother 15 tonight, the first Power of Veto Competition will play out and America at large will find out who won the coveted right to take someone off the eviction block if they so choose. Of course, you can jump right over to the Big Brother spoilers for what went down if you prefer, thanks to dish from the Big Brother Live Feeds. Or, join us us right here for our live Big Brother 2013 recap starting at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT as we run down all the action for you from the CBS Big Brother primetime show as it happens!

The big news of the week on Big Brother 15 has been less about the game play, or even the showmances, than about the blatant racism and homophobic comments being spewed by some of the players. CBS is extremely unlikely to air any of this, of course, but you can read all about it over here. Just be warned, these particular Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds might make you think rather differently about some of your favorite players.

All that aside, tonight on CBS Big Brother 15 will be all about the Power of Veto Competition and aftermath. We already know who won from spoilers on the Live Feeds, but we won’t spoil it for you. We’ll just say that we weren’t expecting what happened and it has certainly caused an interesting twist in the house and a lot of scheming to erupt in the various Big Brother 2013 alliances going around. The first Most Valuable Player voted by America will also be named. Also this week? Tons of ‘showmances’ going around and you may not believe who has hooked up with whom. It’s getting hot in the Big Brother 15 house!

Stay tuned with us right here for our live Big Brother recap and find out who will have the Power of Veto this week to turn the eviction nominations topsy-turvy!

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Where We Left Off…

6-30-2013 11-28-24 PMThe big question of the night in the last episode, of course, was all about who Head of Household McCrae was going to nominate to go up for eviction this week. Everyone had their own opinion and they were all pushing McCrae to choose who they thought should go up on the block.

McCrae decided to choose Jessie and Candice to put up for eviction because neither of them are very popular in the house and he’s not likely to piss off many of the other players by choosing them. Elissa was totally sure she would be nominated and is so relieved she wasn’t. She still thinks she has a chance to win this thing now that she escaped being nominated the first week.

Kicking Off Tonight’s Show…

Candice is pissed at being nominated and confronts McCrae about putting her up. She accuses him of being in an alliance with the guys he is always hanging out with. He’s not doing well at denying any such thing. Candice thinks she has a strong chance of winning the Power of Veto Competition and taking herself off the block.

Most of the HouseGuests are convinced that Elissa will be named the Most Valuable Player this week because she is Rachel Reilly’s sister. Jeremy tries to get her to confess that she is Rachel’s sister and that she won MVP, but she won’t budge. We learn later, of course, that she did indeed win America’s vote to be the first Big Brother 15 MVP.

6-27-2013 11-55-24 PMElissa does tell McCrae that she won MVP since they are now in a super secret alliance (that mostly seems to be totally for his benefit). We know from the Big Brother Live Feeds how much she detests Aaryn and would like to have her out. She also thinks Nick is a big threat and should get evicted. McCrae, however, thinks they should gun for David. He also tells her that if the Veto Competition plays out so that he has to change the nominations, he will put her up because everyone would expect him to.

David and Aaryn flirt and act disgusting for a bit.

Finally it’s time for the Veto Competition player selection. But in order for all the players to be named, the MVP’s nominee has to be named. The HouseGuests and the viewers learn that David has been chosen as the third eviction nominee. But only the viewers know it was Elissa who nominated him, although a lot of the HGs certainly suspect it was Elissa who won the MVP power. Elissa hopes that by doing what McCae wanted, he won’t end up putting her on the block as a renomination if he hasn’t to change his nominations.

The players for the Power of Veto Competition this week will be eviction nominees David, Jessie and Candice, and HoH McCrae,  joined by Howard and Elissa as randomly drawn players. David is seriously pissed at being nominated and he takes it out on Aaryn, who ends up crying and whining. Meanwhile, Elissa tells Jeremy she isn’t MVP and he treats her like crap over a stupid joke she tells that her sister is a supermodel, not Rachel Reilly.

Amanda tells McCrae he needs to avoid winning the POV so he doesn’t paint a bigger target on his back. McCrae, looking to build himself even more friends in the Big Brother 15 house, tells Amanda that he knows Elissa was voted as the MVP. Amanda says she won’t spill the beans to anyone (which we know will end up being a lie). After Amanda leaves, McCrae then tells Elissa he just revealed she won the MVP to Amanda. Elissa is seriously pissed and feels totally betrayed.

At the bakery-themed Veto Competition, the chosen HouseGuests have to crawl through honey to retrieve letters in giant blueberries buried in batter and spell out the longest word they can in 15 minutes to win the Power of Veto. Howard spells “sailing” before Jessie spells “tumbled” and briefly takes the lead. Candice just spells “raft” and is eliminated. David doesn’t spell anything and is eliminated. Elissa spells “potroasts” and is eliminated because that is too short and two words, not one. McCrae finally spells “delivery” and wins POV, even though he told Elissa that is the last thing he wanted. He says it feels like delivering a big pizza order and not getting a tip.

Elissa is very unhappy after the POV Competition and worried about going up on the block, which prompts Helen to try to comfort her. Of all the HouseGuests besides McCrae, Helen is the only one who seems to not already hate Elissa.

6-27-2013 11-55-12 PMElissa tries to convince McCrae not to take anyone off and put her up in their place. But McCrae is prepared to put up Elissa with the intention of letting her get evicted by the other HouseGuests if that’s how it turns out. However, Nick puts a bug in his ear about leaving the nominations as they are and trying to get out David instead. David is a strong player and a threat, while Elissa could end up being an asset and has virtually no chance of winning in the end as it stands right now. Jessie is hoping McCrae will take her off the block and Nick really hopes McCrae will go with his plan.

At the Power of Veto Ceremony, McCrae  uses the Power of Veto to take Candice off the block and puts up Elissa as the replacement nominee. He says that she brings too much drama to the house and should go home. Candice is happy, Elissa is distraught, and Aaryn is pleased as punch because she thinks Elissa will now be evicted.

That’s a wrap! Join us for our next live Big Brother 15 recap tomorrow night when we find out who the first HouseGuest will be going home this season!

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