Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: Power of Veto Competition Week 1

Big-Brother-Power-of-Veto1The first Big Brother 15 Power of Veto Competition is over and the results were quite surprising in a number of ways. Keep on reading for our Big Brother spoilers on who won the POV and how it may shake up the eviction nominations this week!

We certainly didn’t expect this outcome going into the Power of Veto Comp today, especially after the Most Valuable Player eviction nomination was announced. With the results of the POV, the whole plan conceived by the MVP and their alliance may not have to go out out the window. At this point it is nearly impossible to predict which of the three nominees will end up going home at eviction time.

Not that we mind, because honestly it is way more fun not to know exactly what is going to happen and who will get the boot. Having three nominees instead of two, plus adding in all the MVP stuff into the mix, certainly has made the first few days of Big Brother 15 quite fascinating to watch play out, especially on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

So who won the first Big Brother 2013 Power of Veto Competition? Click on the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT banner below to find out!

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The players for the Veto Competition were McCrae as HoH, David, Candice and Jessie as the eviction nominees, and Howard and Elissa as the randomly selected additional players. GinaMarie hosted the competition.

The Power of Veto Competition was, as usual, blacked out on the Big Brother Live Feeds. However, from the aftermath afterwards, we have determined that the POV challenge appears to have possibly involved a spelling competition. As such, it would have been a very easy one to throw, so it surprises us quite a bit that it ended up being Head of Household McCrae who won the comp.

Why? Well, McCrae had pretty much said previously on the Live Feeds that he really didn’t want to end up in the position of having to either not use the POV or pull someone off the block and replace them with a renomination.

This early in the game, McCrae needs to be as friendly as possible with everyone and hide his secret alliance with Most Valuable Player pick Elissa. As Rachel Reilly’s sister (and already demonstrating her bitchiness), Elissa has already become one of the biggest targets in the house and McCrae has been playing it hard to make sure no one thinks the two of them are in cahoots.

McCrae warned Elissa that if this should happen, he would likely need to save someone from the block to look good and put her up in that person’s place in order to hide their connection since just about everyone would expect and want him to renom her.

However, Nick is already pushing McCrae with ideas on how they can still keep up with an earlier plan to put David up as the renom so they can get one of the strongest players in the house out early on. Honestly, David is the better person to get out over Elissa because everyone wants her out anyway and she’s extremely unlikely to make it all the way to the end anyway.


What do you think about the Power of Veto Competition results? Do you think the POV holder should use it at the ceremony and, if so, who should the Head of Household put up as the renomination selection?

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