Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: MVP Eviction Nomination Week 1

6-27-2013 12-38-07 PMIn case you missed it earlier, the first Big Brother Most Valuable Player was informed of their win on the Big Brother Live Feeds earlier today. The person selected by America’s votes was then given the opportunity to anonymously pick a third person to be nominated for eviction this week. Read on for the Big Brother 2013 spoilers on who they chose!

Although the selected player was told of their status anonymously, and not required to tell any of the other players, the person decided to inform an alliance member they was chosen. Luckily for the MVP, their alliance partner kept this secret to themselves.

The two of them worked out together who would be put up for eviction to join the two other players picked by the Head of Household. This brand new twist of Big Brother 15 is certainly going to throw a huge wrench in a lot of behind-the-scenes plotting and alliance schemes going on!

Ready to find out who was selected as the MVP elimination nominee choice for week 1? Just click on the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT banner below for all the details!

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As the Most Valuable Player chosen by America this week, Elissa (Rachel Reilly’s sister) decided to anonymously select David as her nominee for eviction. In truth, however, this plan was primarily devised by Head of Household McCrae, who is in a secret alliance with Elissa.

Elissa told McCrae of her MVP status and he pushed her to choose David to put up in hopes of getting out a serious threat player. Elissa kind of wanted to nominate Aaryn in a bitchy move because she just doesn’t like her. That would have been stupid, and we’re glad McCrae had enough brains to convince Elissa nominating David was the better move.

David, as you can imagine, was seriously pissed when he was told he was going up as the third nominee on the block with Jessie and Candice. Unless wins the Power of Veto Competition or makes some major alliance deals, it could spell the end of the Big Brother road for David at eviction time.


What do you think of the Big Brother Most Valuable Player eviction nomination this week? Do you think the right choice was made or would you have picked someone else?

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