Big Brother 13 Episode 21 Recap – The Heat Is On!

This week has proved to be the most exciting in the Big Brother 13 house so far and it’s only going to get better tonight with the double whammy of the Fast Forward eviction. The houseguests all think it is happening next week, but they are in for a big surprise when two houseguests get booted to the jury house tonight!

Last night on Big Brother 13, the show opened with Jeff nominating Kalia and Porsche for eviction, although if “the stars align” he is thinking strongly about backdooring Daniele.

Porsche is freaked out a bit and says she just has to win the veto to save herself from eviction. Of course, Porsche is so not the target, the Kalia/Daniele alliance is. Porsche is so clueless believing she is somehow a bigger threat than Kalia.

Although Daniele previously promised Jeff she throw the Power of Veto competition, she now says the best bet would be for her to win the POV and force Jeff to put up one of his alliance members. This girl cannot keep a promise to another houseguest to save her life, obviously.

Adam tells Jeff he thought Daniele would be one of the eviction nominees. Jeff says he has some points to prove about how ‘that side’ of the house needs to be shown how to play the game. Adam congratulates Jeff on his game play and says if he wins POV, he’ll let Jeff tell him what to do with it. Suck up!

Rachel decides she wants to mess with Daniele and starts questioning her why she hates life so bad right now? Is it because it because she is turning 25 and she’s on slop? Why is she being testy? Is she mad about being on slop? Is she mad about turning 25? Daniele says Raachel is antagonizing her and goes to whine to Jordan that she wants to punch Rachel. Rachel says she wants to get under Daniele’s skin because she evicted Brendon twice. Rachel follows Daniele outside and keeps questioning her why she is mad. Frustrated Daniele gets up and leaves.

Jeff calls for the Power of Veto Competition selection. Porsche, Kalia and Jeff will play, as will Daniele since she has the special Veto Ticket. The randomly selected players are Jeff, Porsche and Shelly (Kalia drew Houseguest Choice and picked her). Rachel is quite annoyed not to be playing. Daniele is quite pleased about it.

Jordan is happy to finally be able to take off her stupid unitard and gives pieces of it to people. At least it was Jordan who ended up wearing it and not, say, Adam!

Kalia and Daniele do some more whining about the whole eviction situation. Daniele says if she wins the Power of Veto she will have a hard time choosing who to use it on.

The houseguests get a visit from the Zingbot 3000. Rachel says she wants to be ‘zinged’ and the bot shuts up. Then it delivers some silly ‘zings’ about Jeff’s soul patch, Rachel’s over-usage of the word fiance, Daniele riding on her father Evel Dick’s coattails, Adam looking like Uncle Fester, Shelly’s dude-like qualities, Kalia’s sex blog and Jordan’s complete inability to answer questions. (Jeff hasn’t proposed because of your inability to answer questions.)

The Power of Veto Competition is called and the houseguests are tasked with a puzzle to put together and build a mate for the Zingbot 3000. Adam says he doesn’t want to win the competition so he can keep his hands clean. Shelly doesn’t want to win the POV either. So that pretty much just leaves Jeff, Daniele and Porsche actually trying to win the competition.

Jeff, naturally, wins the Power of Veto. Which leaves a very stressed out Daniele saying she needs to remind Jeff of their deal. You know, that deal where you said you would throw the Veto Competition, right Daniele?  Jeff says he has a big decision to make and he’s happy that he has all the power in the house this week.

Kalia is all upset and tells Shelly she thinks she is going home. Shelly plans to keep working on the other side even though she is still supposed to be in an alliance with Jeff and Jordan. Shelly’s backstage manipulation could very well change the whole outcome of the game this week, so it is well worth watching her work the house on the Big Brother live feeds.

Jeff calls in Shelly and Adam to talk. Shelly tells Jeff Kalia is “freaking” because she thinks she is the target. Jeff doesn’t really tell them anything useful but says in the Diary Room that his decision will “alter the rest of the game.”

Daniele is pissed because she believes it will either be her or one of her alliance members who end up getting the boot this week. Daniele tells Porsche that both of them need to fight to stay.

Jeff talks to Porsche and she says she doesn’t want to have to pack and then go to the Jury House with Brendon.  She tells Jeff that he is not on her target list and she will be happy to make a one week deal. He is non-committal and says she doesn’t talk enough.

Kalia goes up to the Head of Household room to talk to Jeff and says she is “slightly humbled”. She whines that it isn’t fair that she may leave before somebody who has done nothing in the house, namely Porsche. She says her side’s goal has always been to get out Rachel (whatever). Jeff says if she is still here at the end of the week, she should consider the playing field even because she put him up, he put her up.

Next up, Jeff and Daniele talk and Daniele offers him another week, a final four or final three deal. She says it would suck hard if she gets backdoored and would fight in every way she could to stay. Jeff says he is “nervous” about their relationship. She tells him she has given him her word twice and not gone against it. (And you also said you’d throw the Power of Veto Competition, didn’t you?)

Veto Ceremony time comes and Jeff says it is time to make some big moves. Rachel hopes he will decide to put up Daniele. Porsche hopes she will get taken off because she hasn’t done anything to merit being up there. Kalia thinks she has a better shot at getting votes than Porsche. Daniele still hopes she has a deal with Jeff that will hold out.

Jeff asks Kalia and Porsche why they should stay in the house and both of them are pretty silly in their answers. Porsche says she likes his haircut and Kalia says if she says Jeff will have a “lot more red velvet cake.”

Jeff makes the announcement that he is going to take Porsche off the block and replace her with Daniele. “Let the good times roll,” she responds acidly. Rachel is happy as a clam and Jeff says it is all about trust. “I’m moving forward with the people that want to roll with me,” he says. He says it all goes back to her attempt to backdoor him earlier.

Daniele is angry as hell and says if she manages to stay this will have been his “worst game move” ever. Kalia is all pathetic because she is now on the block with her BFF. Rachel delivers the horrid line in the Diary Room: “Daniele needs to learn a lesson that nobody comes between me and my alliance!” Ugh!

Of course, what the houseguests don’t know is that two of them will be taking the trip to the Jury House this week. So we can’t wait to see all the craziness that is going to cause in the Big Brother 13 house.

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