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Monday in the Big Brother 13 house is all about the aftermath of the Power of Veto Ceremony. There is so much backhanded dealing going on between the houseguests over this eviction that it’s hard to tell who is going to end up voting which way or if they might change their minds at any minute!

Jordan starts off the game play talk on Monday morning by telling Rachel that she still doesn’t know what Jeff is going to do in the Power of Veto Ceremony. Jordan says that if Jeff puts up Daniele, it will cause serious drama because she won’t go down without a fight.

Nothing much else of interest happens until the Big Brother live feeds go to trivia for the Veto Ceremony and everyone waits anxiously to see if Jeff will take Porsche off and renom Daniele.

The feeds come back and yes! Jeff has used the Power of Veto to remove Porsche from the block and put Daniele up instead. We have a brief moment of Kalia in the Have Not room crying… Well, her game may have just possibly gone to hell if Daniele gets evicted, so I’d probably be feeling a bit weepy too. Jeff tells Rachel he put up Daniele for her and Brendon. (Oh please, whatever.)

Danielle immediately starts campaigning to stay in the house. Sitting outside with Adam and Shelly, she says the only reason she was put up was because of a personal attack. She also basically says Jeff and Jordan lied to her about not putting her up as a renom.

Daniele continues to hit up Shelly hard to get her on her team, promising ‘on her grandmother’ that she will not put Shelly up if she votes to keep her. She totally bashes on Rachel and calls her a disgusting person, which is music to Shelly’s ears because Shelly HATES Rachel. Shelly says she believes Daniele about not putting her up if she votes for her.

Around 12:45PM BBT, Daniele wants Porsche to campaign against Kalia for her to Shelly and Adam. Porsche admits to Daniele that she and Adam have had a deal together for a long time. They think Shelly will be the hardest person to turn from Jeff and Jordan.

A bit later in the afternoon, Shelly hits up Rachel and asks if they are solid and Rachel says they are. Rachel promises that she is not badmouthing Shelly to anyone, although she did talk about her in the past.

Porsche, Kalia and Daniele have kind of an entertaining conversation around 1:30PM BBT. They discuss how they could get Rachel to self-evict by provoking her somehow to get a penalty nom. Porsche teases that she could basically tell Rachel that she should be worried about Brendon being in the Jury House with Daniele because he wanted a threesome with her. She pretends she would say things like ‘Brendon isn’t the most faithful person, so who do you want to send to jury alone with your man?’

A bit later, Porsche and Adam are talking and she tells him that Jeff will never put up Rachel and will never put up Jordan. Kalia will also never put up Jordan, she says. Adam says he hates it when people make statements like that because when you have to make a move people will say you went back on your word. Shelly tells Adam and Porsche she knows for a fact she is going to vote for Daniele to stay.

Around 2:50PM BBT and Adam and Shelly are talking more game play. Adam says he will probably vote for Daniele to be evicted. Shelly really works on him to try to convince him the numbers would work better for them if they get out Kalia instead. Adam says he doesn’t trust Daniele and he thinks Kalia would be more likely to keep them safe than she would.

Jordan and Rachel talk while working out on the elliptical as the evening rolls in. Rachel says that as long as Shelly and Adam stick with them, they will be good. Jordan wonders if Porsche will vote with them. Rachel says she thinks for sure that Shelly will vote to evict Daniele. They think if Kalia were to stay and win Head of Household that she would put up Rachel and Jeff or try to backdoor them.

Daniele, Porsche and Kalia get raunchy again in the evening in the Have Not room about pretending to tell Rachel one of them is going to seduce Brendon in the Jury House. It’s kind of funny, but also kind of gross…

Daniele and Shelly talking and Shelly tells her she thinks they can flip the house to vote out Kalia instead of her. Shelly says this is the only way she can make the final two and it means she has to put a lot of trust in Daniele. She says Daniele better not lie to her. Daniele promises that she won’t (yeah right).

Shelly and Jordan are talking in the Head of Household room around 10:30PM BBT. Shelly told Jordan before they went up that Daniele said Jeff and Jordan had lied to her face. Shelly says Daniele claims Jeff and Jordan swore they would not backdoor her. Jordan says she swears to god on her mom and her brother that they did not lie to Daniele.

Shelly says she put all her trust into Jeff and Jordan but people will think she is stupid for helping to keep them together because everyone loves them. So she could end up in the final three with them and not stand a chance at winning. Jordan says she feels like Shelly is going to flip, but Shelly says no. Jordan says if Jeff is taken out of the game she would 100% take Shelly to the end no matter what. Shelly lays it on THICK and says she trusts Jeff and Jordan with her life because they are real, genuine people. (Unlike yourself Shelly!)

Shelly is definately playing both sides heavily and with her vote as a possible deciding factor in this elimination, she has way too much power going on. Should be quite fun to watch what happens in the house between now and eviction time — and who will actually end up voting for which houeseguest to get evicted!

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