Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 64 Highlights: The Oven Catches on Fire and Scottie’s Game Expires

Big Brother 20 has been an exciting season, but now it looks like that might be coming to an end. The last two weeks have been a slow march to eviction day. We have 35 days left of gameplay and it’s getting more dull by the minute. Yesterday was no exception.

Big Brother 20 Oven on Fire

One of the reasons this week has been a snoozefest is that everyone basically knows Scottie Salton is going home. Next to Kaycee Clark, Scottie would need a miracle to save himself. She has three guaranteed votes with her alliance. In the case of a tie, Faysal Shafaat would also save her over Scottie. For Scottie, hope is lost…for now.

Scottie spent the majority of the day packing. He decided to pack a ton of unnecessary toiletries. While Scottie packed, the others planned in case of a double eviction. Originally, Level 6 wanted to nominate Sam Bledsoe and Haleigh Broucher, and then take one of them out. Today, they realized they needed both Faysal and Haleigh on the block to ensure one got evicted. Tyler Crispen wondered who JC Mounduix would nominate.

Big Brother 20 Scottie SaltonHe thought that JC wouldn’t nominate Haleigh because of her connection to Faysal. JC also mentioned not wanting to win Head of Household anyway. The houseguests tried to have some fun by using the pin wall to play Pictionary. The day also got a little excitement when Brett Robinson‘s cooking made the oven catch fire.

Everyone survived, but Sam was not happy. She spent some of the day in isolation making things. Haleigh and Fessy had their own sort of isolation, as he enjoyed his last night in the HOH room. The day wasn’t as peaceful as Faysal expected because Haleigh once again questioned if he was the one flipping the votes.

Big Brother 20 Faysal Shafaat

Scottie and her had a talk, which again made her question Faysal. He was annoyed that she still believed that he was the shady character of the house. The two had their usual bickering throughout the day. They also discussed JC and whether he could really be trusted. Faysal was finally starting to see the type of game JC is playing, but he’ll probably forget about it by tonight.

The two also briefly got another confirmation with Angela Rummans and Tyler that they were good in case of a double. Haleigh planned to nominate Brett and Sam if she won the Head of Household this week.

Big Brother 20Kaycee briefly got emotional after talking to the Diary room. She had a talk with JC a day or two ago about coming out to her mom. The DR asked for more explanation, and she realized that would air. She said her dad figured out her sexuality when she was in high school, and accepted it. Kaycee only told her mom a year ago about liking women, and her mom was still learning to accept it.

She was worried the segment would make her mom embarrassed. Angela and Tyler reassured her that this was a good thing, and it would help other people accept their sexuality.

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