Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 7 Recap: Power of Veto & Live Eviction

Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 3, the third Power of Veto competition will be held and the third live eviction will take place. Meisha Tate won her second Head of Household competition in just a short period of time. Her target has been the same for 2 rounds now, and things look to remain the same.

As expected, Meisha nominated Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey for eviction. She decided the power duo needed to be put on notice rather than try and backdoor either target. Now, they must win the Power of Veto or rely on another Big Brother celebrity houseguest to save their game and take them off the block.

Block Nomination Aftermath

Neither Carson nor Cynthia was surprised by Meisha’s nominations. They both were very well aware that Meisha sees both of them as a threat in the Big Brother game.

Todrick Hall is thrilled with the nominations because he thinks Carson is his biggest threat in the game. He is Meisha’s, right-hand man. Chris Kirkpatrick, on the other hand, is not so pleased with the current nominations.

Chris and Shanna Moakler have been aligned together and playing the middle of the Big Brother house. They are worried about their game if Carson is evicted. He’s a big target, and if he is gone, they fear they will become the next big targets in the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house.

Todrick is worried about his relationship with Cynthia being that they are no longer in an alliance together. He wanted to make sure they were still good. He pulled her aside to let her know he has her back.

Shanna fears that if Carson or Cynthia wins the POV, she will become the target. A backdoor is what she is most afraid of this week. Chris Kirkpatrick has the same fears, but he also feels he has a good relationship with Meisha.

Unexpected Loss of a Celebrity

Chris Kattan is horribly homesick and considering his options for leaving the game.

Out of the blue, Meisha called the houseguests together and announced that Chris has left the game and will not be returning.

His fellow houseguests were concerned about his mental well-being, more than anything. Chris left a recorded video message saying goodbye to everyone. All of the celebrities will miss Kattan very much and hope to get in touch outside the Big Brother house.

Round Three Power of Veto Competition

The six participants in this POV competition will be Meisha, Carson, Cynthia, Shanna, Lamar Odom, and Todrick. This POV is called Reindeer Riders, and here is how it works. Each player must ride their reindeer for 20 revolutions to earn 90 seconds of time.

They must use this 90 seconds of time to stack snowflakes on a pedestal. Before their time runs out, they must return to their reindeer and earn another 90 seconds. If their clock reaches zero, they are eliminated from the competition.

Lamar is the first Big Brother celebrity houseguest to time out of the game and must have a seat. He is now watching from the sidelines.

Meisha is the next player to time out of the competition. She is out of the running for this golden power of veto. Cynthia falls next.

Shanna hit the buzzer and locked in with 22 snowflakes. She felt she had enough built on her pedestal to beat Carson and Todrick. They are still going strong trying to try and beat Shanna’s score.

Both Carson and Todrick timed out and Shanna won the golden power of veto this round. This is her second POV win.

She must now decide if she will use the power to take Carson or Cynthia off the block, or if she will ride the Meisha train and keep the nominations the same.

Power of Veto Ceremony

Meisha is well aware that Shanna could use the veto power to save either Cynthia or Carson. She is trying to plan ahead in case this happens. She needs to plan on her replacement nominee.

Initially, Meisha told Shanna she didn’t mind if she took Cynthia off the block. Reality then set in, and Meisha realized she would then have to name a replacement nominee. She asked Shanna to keep the nominations the same, and Shanna made no promises.

At the POV ceremony, Shanna used the golden power of veto and took Carson off the block. Her reasoning was so that she had a powerful player like Carson still in the game as an ally.

Consequently, Meisha nominated Chris Kirkpatrick to the block in Carson’s place. Either Chris or Cynthia will be evicted from the Big Brother house this evening.

Power of Veto Aftermath

Meisha made sure to tell Shanna that she drew a line in the sand. Meisha said she is no longer her ally but her opponent.

Kirkpatrick was there to talk Shanna off the ledge. He explained that they just won a big battle in the overall war. He told Shanna they just flipped the Big Brother house and are no longer on the bottom rung of the ladder.

Shanna was on the verge of tears, but Kirkpatrick was there to explain to Shanna that this was a power move and one that had to be made to save their games against Meisha and Tod. If they had not made this move, those two would have just continued picking off players one by one.

Blow Up in the Big Brother House

During a previous round in this game, Cynthia voted to evict Todd Bridges. He has not gotten over this fact. Lamar tried to tell Todd to let it go, but somehow this erupted into an all-out knock-down drag out.

Cynthia told Todd she didn’t want his vote, and she hoped he didn’t vote for her to stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Things got really out of hand between the two celebrities, and Carson stepped in and whisked Cynthia away from the situation and into another room. It’s hard to tell how this will affect the upcoming eviction.

Round 3 Live Vote & Eviction

At the live eviction vote, the celebrity houseguests voted as follows:

Todrick voted to evict Chris
Todd voted to evict Chris
Shanna voted to evict Chris
Lamar voted to evict Chris
Carson voted to evict Chris

By a unanimous vote of 5 to 0, Chris is evicted from the Big Brother game. During his eviction interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Chris said he was a little surprised that it was a unanimous vote. He didn’t think Shanna would vote to evict him. That was very surprising to him.

He felt like he played the game with integrity, and he is happy with his gameplay. Even though he may have contributed to his eviction, he wanted to play the game and encouraged others to do the same. On a final note, Chris said playing Big Brother is way harder than touring with NSYNC.

Round 4 Head of Household Competition

This is an endurance competition and is called Angry Glam Squad. This competition is the endurance wall where the players must hang on for dear life. They will be faced with different challenges that will make holding onto the wall more difficult. The wall will tilt forward and various products will be sprayed onto the celebrities by their stylists. The last celebrity to hang onto the wall wins the round 4 Head of Household.

Tune in this Sunday, February 13 for the completion of this competition.

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