Celebrity Big Brother 3 Power of Veto Week 4 Ceremony Results (2/10/22)

Yesterday, Celebrity Big Brother 2022 player Shanna Moakler made the bold decision to go against the Head of Household Miesha Tate’s wishes and take Carson Kressley off the block. She won this week’s Celebrity Big Brother 3 Power of Veto. This would directly go against what Miesha wants this week, a Carson eviction, and cause a few players to be upset. Earlier today, Miesha and Shanna sat down to discuss the Veto. Shanna told Miesha that she was thinking about using it to remove Cynthia Bailey from the block, but her plan was to still take off Carson.

The conversation with Miesha didn’t go as hoped. Miesha basically guaranteed Shanna nothing and implied that Shanna’s ride or die Chris Kirkpatrick could go up on the block if the nominations changed. Shanna later talked to Lamar Odom to see if she had enough votes to keep Chris in the house over Cynthia. Lamar told her that he would vote out Kirkpatrick. Shanna had to scramble to figure out what moves to make this week.

It wasn’t looking highly likely that Shanna would use the Veto to save either Carson or Cynthia. The feeds went down and when they returned…Shanna did use the Veto to save Carson.  Miesha named Chris Kirkpatrick as Carson’s replacement. We had a huge game shake-up, so can’t wait to see how this all unfolds on tomorrow’s Celebrity Big Brother. With Chris Kattan leaving the game, we may or may not see Cynthia or Chris Kirkpatrick leave the game tomorrow.

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