Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Recap: Day 14 Highlights

Yesterday Sophie Anderton was the third evicted HouseGuest from Celebrity Big Brother 2013.  The Shopping Task came to an end and the HouseGuests failed, they will be on basic food rations for the next week.


It’s the morning of Eviction day and the HouseGuests are just waking up. Carol McGiffin is alone in the luxury room watching her housemates while they still believe that she has been evicted.  Vicky Entwhistle and Bruce Jones are in the garden talking, Vicky is trying to keep Bruce’s spirits up and ensure him that he won’t get evicted tonight.

In the Diary Room, Charlotte Crosby is telling Big Brother how sad she feels without Carol.  She says that Carol does a big fart every morning when she wakes up. Now it is less smelly and fun without her.

Dustin Diamond is in the kitchen eating breakfast, he looks really down. Bruce comes in and asks if he is feeling okay.  Dustin says that he is over it, meaning the whole Celebrity Big Brother experience, he is particularly frustrated with the lack of decent food.  He assures Bruce that he isn’t depressed, just over it.  Dustin is starting to get really dark, comparing the HouseGuests to abused dogs.

Charlotte is trying to entertain herself by playing psychic, her first customer is Lauren Harries.  Charlotte tells Lauren that she will have a lot of sex when she leaves the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house, the man will be tall dark and handsome.  She says that some of her words may alarm Lauren, but the future is bright.

Mario Falcone is Charlotte’s next customer, Charlotte says that she feels a deep sorrow over the loss of a crease faced woman.  She then says that it’s Carol, and they both laugh.

Sophie is in the Diary Room, Big Brother asks if the house is missing Carol.  Sophie thinks that they are all missing food to much to miss anything else.

Today’s task is a battle of the sex’s competition pitting the men and woman against each other in a series of challenges.  Vicky beats Bruce in the first one, Mario beats Lauren next and finally Charlotte beats Dustin in the last round.  The ladies win!

Big Brother announces that the store room is open and they can collect this week’s basic food rations.  Dustin is on a hunger strike because he is so upset about the overall food situation.  (He really should have watched some previous seasons of Celebrity Big Brother.)  The girls are awarded with junk food for winning the battle of the sexes competition earlier, Dustin longingly watches them eat from afar.

A montage of the nominee’s possibly final Diary Room sessions is shown.  Sophie tells Big Brother that she has enjoyed her time in the house and doesn’t want to leave, but if the public thinks it is her time, she accepts that.  Courtney Stodden says that Celebrity Big Brother 2013 has been an amazing journey and she has met wonderful people.  Louie Spence says that Celebrity Big Brother has been mind-blowing, overwhelming, mind-bending and something he will remember for the rest of his life.  Lauren wants to stay as long as she can, if she gets evicted she would take it on the chin, she got in the house and that was an achievement.  Bruce doesn’t want his time in the house to come to an end, he has loved the experience and has learned a lot.

It’s eviction time, Emma’s voice can be heard calling out the nominees’ names, and Sophie gets a big round of boos.  Emma announces that Lauren is safe from eviction.  A few minutes later Emma comes back to announce that Sophie has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house.

Carol is shown in the Diary Room saying that she is over the moon about Sophie leaving and she thinks that the rest of the HouseGuest’s will be also.  Abz Love says that he feels bad that Sophie has to leave to the negative audience reaction.

The doorbell rings and Carol comes back into the house, everyone seems thrilled to have her back.  Louie is almost in tears, I think he is relieved to have her company again.  Big Brother asks Carol to give her nomination for eviction, she picks Courtney.

In the Diary Room Courtney is talking to Big Brother about Carol nominating her.  She understands Carol’s reasons for choosing her and is not taking it personally.  In the kitchen Carol is venting about how earlier in the day Courtney laid in bed while other people packed for her.

Face to Face Nomination Time

Louie – Dustin and Vicki

Dusting is not interesting to him, they don’t really talk at all and he’s over-analytical.  Vicky because she dissed him the other day.

Abz – Charlotte and Bruce

Charlotte is the person he has connected to the least.  Bruce because he has been smoking all of his cigarettes and can be grumpy.

Courtney – Mario and Abz

Mario because he called her a stuck up and she can’t understand his accent.  Abz because he has pre-judged her and called her superficial.

Bruce – Dustin and Lauren

Dustin because of is dramatic behavior about the food today.  Lauren because she needs too much looking after.

Lauren – Louie and Bruce

Louie is too moody and complains too much.  Bruce because he is too impatient with her.

Mario – Dustin and Lauren

Dustin’s bad mood today was overwhelming.  Lauren makes him nervous because she needs to be watched over all the time.

Dustin – Louie and Vicki

He likes Louie but he can be a jerk.  Vicky because she has been overly critical of him lately.

Vicky – Dustin and Louie

Dustin is too serious.  Louie because he is too moody.

Charlotte – Dustin and Abz

Dustin is too serious and thinks too much about the game.  Abz because he is the person she knows the least.

Courtney, Abz, Lauren, Louie, Bruce, Dustin and Vicky are all facing the public vote on Friday.

In the living room Dustin and Bruce are talking about the nominations. Dustin admits that he was moody this morning and says that he realized he wanted to go home and acted that way on purpose to get everyone to nominate him.

Lauren is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother, she says that all her housemates underestimate her so much and don’t realize how strong she really is.  Outside Courtney and Abz are having a moment, Abz thinks that she is getting to much grief from the rest of the house and she is taking very well.

Carol, Mario and Louie are talking in the kitchen about Courtney.  They think that she was really underwhelmed by seeing her husband Doug Hutchison.  The find her seemingly lack of emotional reaction to seeing him a big surprise.

In the Diary Room, Dustin is talking to Big Brother about being nominated today.  He says that today was his first tough day and he ended up being nominated for eviction.  While many other housemates have had several difficult days and didn’t get nominated.

Abz and Vicky are outside talking about how much they like Lauren and want her to win the show.  Inside Courtney is telling Lauren that she is nervous about re-uniting with Doug after she leaves the show. She feels like she is growing more independent and doesn’t want Doug to be hurt by that.

Tomorrow’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother will be another live Eviction show.

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