Big Brother 15 Recap: Double Eviction Madness and a New Alliance Rules!

On Big Brother 15 tonight a new alliance rules the house and that may spell the end of the last showmance in the house this season. Will Amanda Zuckerman the “teflon queen” be able to save herself from eviction yet again to continue her reign with showmance boyfriend McCrae Olson? Or could tonight potentially be the last night in the house for both halves of McCranda in the second double eviction of season 15? Our live Big Brother recap of the week 10 double eviction starts right now!

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Amanda and McCrae have played at being the king and queen of the Big Brother 2013 house all season long on the Live Feeds. They’ve spent more time shacked up in the Head of Household bed than anyone in the house — even though they’ve only actually held the title once between the two of them! Amanda has boasted that she has been in control over every eviction this season… until last week that is.

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Last week on Big Brother 15, Amanda’s power was finally broken when Head of Household Elissa Slater lead the push to vote out her 3AM Alliance ally Aaryn Gries. For the first time this season, Amanda lost control of the house and didn’t get her way at eviction time. This week, new Head of Household GinaMarie Zimmerman added insult to injury when she put Amanda and McCrae up on the block together with the intention of getting one of them out no matter what.

McCrae won the Power of Veto and saved himself, leaving Amanda seemingly doomed to go home this week… until she suddenly was presented with a rogue plan to save her by a formerly hated enemy. But all was not as it seemed because one (and possibly both) of the people promising to vote to keep her this week instead of Spencer Clawson are lying through their teeth. Is there any hope of Amanda surviving the night? If she is evicted, will McCrae be following right behind her?

Our live Big Brother 15 recap starts at 8PM ET right here, on this very page, stay tuned!

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We kick off tonight with a brief recap of the events so far leading up to tonight’s double eviction. This episode will be at rapid speed with the double eviction and double Head of Household Competitions. We’ll try to keep up!

9-5-2013 06-06-57 PM

Amanda thinks it is personal that GinaMarie put her up and tells her that she thinks GM is hostile to her because she is jealous of her and McCrae. GM says it is the smart move for her game because she needs to break up the showmance. In Diary Room, GM says Amanda is just crazy.

Amanda campaigns Elissa because she doesn’t really anyone else. She tells Elissa that if she is gone, a lot of people will come after her as the next big threat. She says Spencer is gunning for her and no matter what, she will probably go up next week anyway. In Diary Room, Amanda says she doesn’t think Elissa will go for it because she has “tortured her a lot lately, a lot.”

9-5-2013 06-07-44 PMIn Diary Room, Elissa says it does make sense to keep a bigger target in the house than herself. She drags Amanda into the lounge and swears to god that she will vote to keep Amanda. She says she trusts Amanda and McCrae more than Spencer and the others. She tells Amanda she has to swear to keep her safe if she votes for her. She tells Amanda she will give her her wedding ring to prove her loyalty.

9-5-2013 06-09-59 PMNinja Andy pops up and Elissa tells him that she thinks they should do a final four with McCrae and she is going to vote to keep Amanda. In Diary Room, Andy is freaking out because if Elissa votes to keep Amanda it will screw up his whole game and expose him if he doesn’t also vote to keep Amanda.

Amanda tells McCrae about what Elissa said. McCrae tells her not to get her hopes up. McCrae doesn’t trust the vote. He is suspicious of Andy. Amanda assures him that Andy is trustworthy.

Andy tells Spencer and Judd that Elissa wants to flip her vote and vote to keep Amanda. He says he will have to frame it somehow so that he votes against Amanda but will blame the vote on Elissa that she betrayed the deal, not him.

9-5-2013 06-12-52 PMHost Julie Chen tells the HouseGuests that tonight is the 500th episode and to celebrate, it will be the second double eviction of the season. And we’re racing right along to the first one with final pleas from Spencer and Amanda.

Spencer gives a shout out to friends and family and says it has been an awesome summer. He says he hopes they won’t let the dream end for him. Amanda says everyone in the house has become her family and she hopes they will keep her so she can help their game. That’s pretty much it.

9-5-2013 06-13-23 PMHere are the results of the first live vote:

Judd votes to evict “and exterminate” Amanda
McCrae votes to evict Spencer
Elissa votes Spencer
Andy votes to “exterminate, I mean evict” Amanda

The vote is now a tie and GinaMarie will cast the tie vote. GinaMarie votes to evict Amanda. That’s it, Amanda has been evicted from the Big Brother 15 house!

As Amanda exits, she yells at Andy that she “thought I could trust you.” Andy acts like he is totally shocked out the outcome of the vote. Outside you hear cheers and boos as Amanda leaves and you can hear her say with a sob that “I guess some of you DON’T like me.”

9-5-2013 06-19-07 PMAmanda says she is really confused and maybe Elissa didn’t vote for her after all. She says she yelled at Andy to protect his game. (She still thinks he voted to keep her.) Julie questions her about being called a bully in the house and wants to know if it was all strategy or if she is like that in real life. Amanda says she is not really a bully and she regrets torturing Elissa.

Julie asks if Amanda has any regrets about anything she did or said in the house because everything goes out on the Internet. Amanda says her rampage against Elissa could have not happened. This would have been a great time for Julie to confront Amanda about her own racist and derogatory statements, but she doesn’t. Instead, they move to talking about the McCranda showmance. Amanda says McCrae is planning on moving to Florida and moving in with her.

9-5-2013 06-19-17 PM

Now it’s time for the goodbye messages. Elissa says over the past few days they have reconciled and she voted to keep her because it was better for her game. GM says Amanda thinks she ran the game and now she knows differently and her a** has been exterminated. Andy confesses that he voted out Amanda and reveals The Exterminators alliance. McCrae says this really sucks and he really misses her. Love ya. Amanda says she is mad at Andy and yeah, Elissa is getting her ring back.

Now it’s time for the “Go Fetch” Head of Household Competition. The HouseGuests have to race through a dog house and under a fence to dig bones out of a pile of dirt and run them to their dog bowl. McCrae is the first to find a bone, followed by Elissa. Judd gets his first bone. McCrae has his second bone! He runs back and gets his key and… he has won Head of Household! He only has a few minutes to decide who to nominate.

Time for the live nomination ceremony. The HouseGuests gather in the living room to announce his choices. He has chosen to put up GinaMarie and Elissa as the nominees.

9-5-2013 06-42-33 PM

Now it’s time for the Power of Veto Competition. Everyone is playing tonight in
the BB500 race. The HouseGuests have to move their car through a maze to win the PoV. The race is on! Andy is in the lead… McCrae and Spencer are catching up… Elissa is right there too.

And Judd has won the Power of Veto!

On to the Power of Veto Competition and it’s a race to get a little car through a maze. It’s a fast one and the winner is…. Judd!

Last minute strategy talk and there is some kind of argument with everyone telling Elissa she knew something and her denying it. We don’t hear exactly what it is about. Judd now has to announce what he is going to do with his Power of Veto Competition. GinaMarie and Elissa do their final pleas.

Elissa says she did not know Judd was going to be backdoored when he got evicted. She says that Judd told her if he won the Veto and she was up, he would save her and she hopes he will honor that. GinaMarie says Elissa was in on the backdoor with Helen and she was in the dark on that and hopes he will believe that.

Judd says he will not use the Power of Veto and the nominations will remain the same.

Now it’s time for the next live eviction vote. Elissa says she has never lied to Judd or Andy and that GM has more votes in Jury that she does, so they should keep her. GinaMarie says she is loyal and a hard worker and play hard or go home. She says she has never done any of the guys wrong and they should believe that.

9-5-2013 06-55-42 PMHere are the results of the second live vote:

Spencer “gladly” votes to evict Elissa
Judd votes to evict “and exterminate” Elissa
Andy “ecstatically” votes to evict Elissa

Elissa has been voted out of the Big Brother house and will go to Jury and join Amanda. Elissa asks if she can get her bag and she tries to go get it. Julie says no, you need to leave. She doesn’t hug anyone on her way out.

Elissa tells Julie that she thinks McCrae voted against Amanda and stabbed her in the back. She says Andy looked so shocked she doesn’t think he voted against Amanda. Julie asks her about how hard it was to put all of Amanda’s garbage aside to try to flip the vote to keep Amanda. Elissa says she wanted to use her head and thought McCranda would be a bigger target than she was if they stayed another week. Elissa is very shiny and sweaty. Julie says she should be proud because she made it twice as long as her sister, Rachel Reilly, in her first season. Elissa says she got a lot of great advice from Rachel going in.

Less than two weeks remain before the Big Brother finale… and unfortunately the second Head of Household Competition results won’t shown on CBS until Sunday. Of course, we don’t want you to have to wait, so you can flip on over to our SPOILERS post below for the scoop!

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