Who Went Home Tonight in the Double Eviction on Big Brother 21? (9/5/19)

Tonight is one of the biggest night’s in the Big Brother 21 season with the double eviction coming our way. Round one tonight will feature Jessica Milagros and Cliff Hogg III on the block for eviction under Head of Household (HOH) Jackson Michie. Jessica has been his target since the original nominations. Cliff was merely put up as a pawn once Tommy Bracco won the Power of Veto (POV) and took his ride-or-die Christie Murphy off the block.

Big Brother 21

Jessica has campaigned hard to stay in the Big Brother 21 house, but the votes don’t look to be going her way. Michie and Holly Allen want Jessica gone while Tommy and Christie would prefer to see Cliff off to jury. That leaves Nicole Allen who completely adores Cliff, so that’s not happening. Round one looks like Jessica. Round two will be completely dependent on the houseguest that wins the HOH competition tonight followed by the POV. Lots of non-stop action coming our way tonight, and by the end, only five houseguests will remain.

Week 10 Last Minute Deals

Christie approaches Cliff for a conversation regarding game play. She told Cliff that Michie is playing them all for fools and he and Holly need to go home. Christie explained that Michie has told them he is working solely with her and Tommy. We all know Cliff and Nicole have a final four agreement. Cliff needs Holly and Michie’s support in the vote this week, so he immediately went to Holly and Michie with the Christie intel. They knew Christie would be problematic in the game and are now regretting not evicting her when they had the opportunity.

Week 10 Live Eviction Vote

Holly Votes To Evict Jessica
Nicole Votes To Evict Jessica
Christie Votes To Evict Jessica
Tommy Votes To Evict Jessica

Big Brother 21

By an unanimous vote of 4-0, Jessica was evicted from the Big Brother 21 house and became the fifth member of the jury. During her exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Jessica shared she was not surprised she was evicted tonight. She also feels like Michie will be the target tonight in the double eviction. That is yet to be determined.

Week 11 Head of Household Competition

Tonight’s HOH competition is called On Thin Ice. Houseguests must build an ice rink puzzle. The puzzle is a floor jigsaw puzzle with large pieces filling up their lane on the ice rink. Once their puzzle is completed, they must use  their hockey stick and hit their ball across the rink and into the goal. The first houseguest to correctly complete their puzzle and make a goal will win the HOH competition.

Big Brother 21

Nicole won her first HOH competition of the season, and her first comp in general of Big Brother 21. Nicole has been so upset lately because she has not been able to win any competitions in the game. Now comes the hard part. She has a final four agreement with Michie and Holly. Nicole and Cliff already discussed putting up Tommy and Christie. If one of them wins the veto, then Holly or Michie will have to go up as the pawn. What’s unsure at this point is who is Nicole targeting for eviction? Christie or Tommy?

Week 11 Block Nominees

Nicole nominated Tommy and Christie to the block for eviction. She explained that this was purely gameplay and used her gut to determine who was nominated tonight. Now, Christie and Tommy must save their games by winning the POV competition.

Week 11 Power of Veto Competition

The POV competition is a Big Brother classic called What the Bleep. All of the houseguests will participate with only six houseguests remaining in the game. The players will watch a series of videos of former houseguests making various statements throughout the summer. Each statement will feature a bleeped out word or phrase. Julie will tell them what the bleeped out word “may” have been. They will then answer true or false to each statement. For every correct answer, one point is accumulated. After seven questions, the houseguest with the most points wins the POV.

Big Brother 21

After six rounds, Cliff and Christie are tied with a perfect score of six. In final round, Cliff answered correctly and won the golden power of veto. Christie knows she is going home as the tears have already arrived.

Week 11 Power of Veto Ceremony

Cliff honored Nicole’s block selections and kept the nominations the same. Either Tommy or Christie will certainly be going home tonight. Based on conversation between Cliff and Nicole before the POV ceremony, it looks like Christie is finally going home after five consecutive trips to the block.

Week 11 Live Eviction Vote

Michie Votes To Evict Christie
Holly Votes To Evict Christie
Cliff Votes To Evict Christie

Big Brother 21

By another unanimous vote tonight, Christie was evicted from the Big Brother 21 house. During her exit interview with Julie, Christie admitted she was really surprised she was evicted tonight. She doesn’t feel like she is as much of a threat as the other players left in the house. She also feels as though Michie is going to win the whole game. Christie admitted that having Tommy in the house certainly helped her in the game…really???

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Big Brother 21

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