Big Brother 15 Recap: Week 6 Double Eviction Madness!

12-11 PMThe writing has been on the wall for Candice ever since new Big Brother 15 Head of Household GinaMarie put her up on the block this week. But could America’s Most Valuable Player eviction nomination lead to another vote flip in the making? Join us for our Big Brother 2013 recap of the week 6 double eviction show and find out who will be the first HouseGuests in the Jury House!

GinaMarie has been gunning for Candice since she won Head of Household for week 6. The power majority in the house — including Helen, McCrae and Amanda — are all right on board with this plan. So  it wasn’t hard to predict that Candice would be the first to go in the double eviction this evening. The real question is, who will be the second Big Brother 15 cast member who gets booted out the front door?

On Big Brother tonight, all the alliances, plots, schemes and plans could come crashing down hardcore after the madness of double eviction night. We can tell you already that it is going to be a hell of an entertaining evening. So come join us for our live Big Brother recap starting at 9 PM ET and watch all the insanity with us!

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 15 spoilers on Thursday’s double eviction show. Please do not continue reading if you do not want to know this information!

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Tonight is Big Brother double eviction night! Host Julie Chen says it is a whole week of the show crammed into just one hour and it is going to be a crazy time! Before we get into the action, we have a brief recap of the week so far. Who will go home in the first eviction tonight? Will it be Amanda, Spencer or Candice? And who will be sent packing in the second live eviction? Let’s go!

8-8-2013 06-02-25 PMJulie Chen confirms what CBS already announced on Twitter that both HouseGuests who are evicted tonight will go to the Jury House. Then we flip to video of the players from right after the Veto Ceremony. Candice is in her clown suit and GinaMarie is wearing her dog collar, both punishments from the Veto Competition. Amanda is looking pretty orange from her spray-tan punishment.

Jessie and orange Amanda talk in the backyard and we flashback to the two of them fighting. Jessie says it is ironic that she fought with Amanda and then she went up on the block. Amanda denies that she had anything to do with GinaMarie putting her up on the block. She says if she stays here, she will support Jessie to the end. Jessie says in the Diary Room that she thinks Amanda is a big fake.

Switch over to Andy and his final four deal with Amanda, McCrae and Judd. Judd tells Amanda that she needs to stop having emotional outbursts, which she doesn’t like. In Diary Room, she says she doesn’t trust Judd and thinks he was the MVP this week.

Moving on, Candice is telling Jessie that she doesn’t know how she became a bigger threat than Amanda. Jessie says the only way something is going to change is if Andy and Judd wise up to the threat Amanda and McCrae pose.

We flip over to Jessie working Helen to try flip the vote against Amanda. She says Amanda is like the queen and if they don’t do it now, she will probably try to take Helen out next week. Helen says there is a lot of work to do if they want to do that. In Diary Room, she says she would have to have all their allies behind her to flip on Amanda.

Jessie is now working Judd to try to get him to flip the vote. She talks about how she will go home if they don’t get Amanda out. She says Helen and Elissa are on board and that if they don’t get Amanda out, they are going to give her the game. In Diary Room, Judd says he doesn’t want to hurt Jessie but Amanda and McCrae are his allies. Judd and Jessie exchange brief kisses.

Helen talks to Andy about Amanda and McCrae being too comfortable and it may be too late to get them out later. Andy says that Amanda and McCrae have not done anything to abuse his trust and he thinks it is way too early to make that move. In Diary Room, he says those two are his strongest allies and he doesn’t want them out yet.

8-7-2013-07-46-09-AMJessie, Candice and Helen are in the hammock. Candice is slamming Amanda and talking about her being a snake. Helen says she should campaign to the other HouseGuests. Jessie says there is no point if Helen isn’t on board. Helen says she doesn’t have that much power and when the house wants it, she’ll do it. In Diary Room, Helen says that if Amanda is evicted, the next big power player they go after might be her.

Now we go live to Julie Chen and the HouseGuests live. Julie announces that the extra Big Brother season means an extra big Jury and that there will be nine members. So whoever gets evicted tonight will go to the Jury. There are happy faces and… not so happy faces. Then Julie announces it will be a double eviction. Lots of strained faces on that announcement.

Interesting…. Julie also just said that “because you are on the Jury, that doesn’t mean you are out of the game.”

Candice gives her final speech and gets all in GinaMarie’s grill talking about her derogatory comments against her. There is a lot of yelling between the two of them. It gets quite nasty. Julie tries to talk over them and they won’t shut up. Julie finally yells at Spencer to start talking. He says some stuff that isn’t important because he isn’t in danger, tries to make a couple of jokes and gives a shoutout to his family. Amanda gives a shoutout to her family and says she wants to stay badly and she’s keeping it short.

8-8-2013 06-13-13 PMNow it’s time for the first live eviction vote. Here are the results:

McCrae: Votes to evict Candice
Aaryn: Votes to evict Candice “the clown”
Helen: Votes to evict “my boo” Candice
Jessie: Votes to evict “my friend” Candice
Elissa: Votes to evict Candice (“I don’t want to do this, but everyone else did.”)
Andy: Votes to evict “the very feisty” Candice
Judd: Votes to evict Candice

With a vote of seven to zero, Candice has been evicted from Big Brother 15. She will now be the first member of the Jury and thus, will not get to hear anything at all about how the game has been played or have any news from the outside world. As Candice exits, she snarks something to GinaMarie. GM yells back that “at least my mom likes me, not like yours!” Yes, another nasty dig about Candice being adopted.

Julie Chen sits down with Candice. She asks why Candice went after GinaMarie when she knew she needed votes this week. Candice says she knew she was going home and she wasn’t going to let people say terrible things about her. Julie asks why Candice is sitting there instead of Amanda. Candice says she thinks that she just wasn’t a member of the tribe that she thinks started together right from the beginning of the game. Julie talks about how Howard told Candice to ignore the racist remarks in the house. Candice says they had different views on that and she grew up as a biracial woman and that was hard. She just can’t let people treat her badly.

8-8-2013 06-28-36 PMNow it’s time to crown a new Head of Household! Looks like we have a quiz competition on “all things Big Brother” in a ‘Summer School’ challenge. The answer to each question will be either ‘more’ or ‘less’. The questions will be about events and items in the house this season.

Round 1: Elissa is out.
Round 2: Andy and Jessie are out.
Round 3: Everyone is right
Round 4: Aaryn is right, everyone else is wrong.

Aaryn is the new Head of Household and has to make a very quick, very important decision about which two HouseGuests she will put up for eviction.

Aaryn whispers with Andy, McCrae, Amanda, Spencer, Jessie about what to do. Spencer is very worried that he is going to end up going home. Amanda and McCrae leave. Andy and Spencer stay with Aaryn. Andy says he doesn’t want Spencer to go home and Aaryn says she doesn’t either. Julie Chen interrupts and says it is time for the live nominations to begin.

The HouseGuests gather in the living room to find out who Aaryn is going to put up. Julie quickly counts the HouseGuests to make sure they are all there. Julie says before the nominations, she is going to announce one more item. She says from here on out there will not be a Most Valuable Player nomination from here on out. There will only be two nominations each week.

Aaryn says it was a unanimous decision by the house and so she has to put up Spencer and Jessie up for eviction..

8-8-2013 06-42-34 PMIt is now time for the ‘Shop Class’ Power of Veto Competition. The HouseGuests will have to race down lanes to collect nails to fit into the proper holes to complete their Veto puzzle. Playing are Aaryn, Jessie, Spencer and randomly selected players Judd, Andy and Amanda.

There is a crazy scramble all around and everyone is running around like they are insane. Then, all of a sudden, Aaryn slaps her finished button and has won the Power of Veto. Will she save Jessie or Spencer from eviction and backdoor someone else? (Now would be the time to get out Amanda or McCrae!) Or will she leave her nominations alone?

Back from a commercial break and Aaryn says she is going to take Jessie off the block. She says that she knows the person she is going to backdoor onto the block has been playing her and that everyone in the house except a couple of people want this person to go up. Then she announces — to gasps from the audience — that she is putting Judd up on the block!

Spencer goes up to plead his case for the second time in a row. He says if there is room for him in any of their long games, vote to keep him here. Judd says that it is obvious they want him to go. He says some of the things that were said about him might not be true and he is still loyal to the same people he was. He points to everyone and says, you two change your vote, and you two change your vote — don’t believe what other people say.

Here are the results of the second live eviction vote:

Amanda: Votes to evict Judd
McCrae: Votes to evict Judd
GinaMarie: Votes to evict Judd (she is in tears)
Andy: Votes to evict Judd (he is crying)
Helen: Votes to evict Judd (with jazz hands)
Elissa: Votes to evict Judd (after saying he is one of her best friends)
Jessie: Votes to evict Judd (with a big smile)

With a vote of seven to zero, Judd has been evicted on Big Brother 15 and becomes the second member of the Jury.

Judd says he has no idea what the heck just happened. He thinks Amanda is running the whole house. Poor Judd is wearing his infamous bear shirt. His interview is cut very short as time runs out on the double eviction episode.

Find out who won the second Head of Household Competition of the night here!


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