8-1-2013 06-04-48 PMWondering who won Head of Household on Big Brother for week 7? Well, this week we have not just one new HoH, but two! That’s right, it’s double eviction week on Big Brother 2013, which means two Head of Household Competitions instead of one. Unfortunately, for the first HouseGuest who won the HoH challenge this week, they don’t get to enjoy their power for long.

In a Big Brother double eviction week, the live show on Thursday night runs at double speed. First we learn the first HouseGuest who is evicted for the evening. Then we immediately switch into the first Head of Household Competition.

This is the real bummer win for whoever pulls off the top spot in this competition. They don’t get to enjoy the Head of Household room. They don’t get a letter from home. They don’t get a basket of goodies. They just get to make enemies by choosing two nominees for eviction with only minutes to decide.

After that, it’s a race on to the Power of Veto Competition, Power of Veto Ceremony and the second eviction of the night. Once the second Big Brother 15 cast member heads out the door, there will have to be another Head of Household Competition to determine who will reign for the rest of week 7.

So who won the Big Brother 15 Head of Household competitions for week 7? Just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

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In case you missed it, the first person evicted on Big Brother Thursday night was Candice, as pretty much everyone expected. As soon as she was out, we switched right into the first HoH challenge.

The first Head of Household competition was a quiz on “all things Big Brother” in a ‘Summer School’ challenge. The answer to each question was either ‘more’ or ‘less’. The questions were about events and items in the house this season. Here are the results:

Round 1: Elissa is out.
Round 2: Andy and Jessie are out.
Round 3: Everyone is right
Round 4: Aaryn is right, everyone else is wrong.

Aaryn is the new Head of Household and has to make a very quick, very important decision about which two HouseGuests she will put up for eviction.

The HouseGuests gathered in the living room to find out who Aaryn was going to put up. Julie quickly counted the HouseGuests to make sure they were all there. Then she announced that from here on out there will not be a Most Valuable Player nomination anymore. There will only be two nominations each week.

Julie turns it over to Aaryn and she said it was a unanimous decision by the house and so she had to put up Spencer and Jessie up for eviction. We moved on rapidly to the Power of Veto Competition, which Aaryn also won. She announced that she was going to take down Jessie and backdoor and blindside Judd into her place. She told Judd that this was the decision of the house and that he had been playing her and she would go home if she didn’t put him up.

Here are the results of the second live eviction vote:

Amanda: Votes to evict Judd
McCrae: Votes to evict Judd
GinaMarie: Votes to evict Judd (she is in tears)
Andy: Votes to evict Judd (he is crying)
Helen: Votes to evict Judd (with jazz hands)
Elissa: Votes to evict Judd (after saying he is one of her best friends)
Jessie: Votes to evict Judd (with a big smile)

The second Head of Household competition took place after the CBS show and concluded shortly before 10 PM ET. We didn’t get to actually see the challenge on the Live Feeds but we did find out the results. The second HoH for week 7 is… Andy!

And, Aaryn is FINALLY a Have Not, along with GinaMarie, Elissa and Helen. Wooot!


What do you think of the double eviction on Thursday night? Were you happy about who went home, or pissed off that the HouseGuests didn’t get rid of someone else?

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