Big Brother 21 Week Three Alliance Updates: Six Shooters are Und9able and Gr8ful

Roughly, we’re a quarter of the way into the Big Brother 21, and the same majority alliance rule the house, at least in one way or another. The Gr8ful alliance is once again in control as one of their members, Nick Maccarone, won another Head of Household competition. Although his showmance partner, Isabella Wang, is stirring up all kinds of trouble in the house with her loose lips, she is safe…for now.

Big Brother 21 Alliances
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Gr8ful did finally and officially add Sam Smith to their group, and they named the nine-person-strong alliance Und9able. With three houseguests in Camp Comeback, that only leaves four houseguests in the minority. Two current and one former houseguest formed an all new alliance called the Fellowship of Zing, but they were the ones getting zinged by one of the stronger players in the Big Brother 21 game.

It just so happens that Fellowship member Cliff Hogg III was giving his usual morning update on camera to his family and fans when Christie Murphy walked by the door. She overheard his daily show, Cliff’s Notes, where he airs his thoughts on the game and strategies. Christie heard all about the Fellowship of Zing and how Cliff wanted to target couples in the Big Brother 21 house. After hearing all the juicy info, Christie couldn’t run back to her house majority alliance quick enough with all the tea. #BUSTED

Nicole Anthony made another error this week that caused all kinds of drama to unfold. Trying to look out for Bella, Nicole shared with her that her own majority alliance was after her and Nick. In fact, had any of them won the HOH title this week, Bella and Nick would have been on the chopping block.

Big Brother 21 Nicole Anthony
Nicole versus Bella, who will win in the end?

Loose lips Bella ran back to Nick and the remainder of her alliance with the information. As they have done in the past, the house majority alliance was able to convince Bella that the real villain here was Nicole. In addition, they convinced Bella and Nick that Nicole needed to be targeted this week for eviction via the back door.

After all of that drama ensued, Christie and gang (sans Nick and Bella, AKA Six Shooters) agreed that evicting Nicole may not be the best plan for their game. Targeting Cliff would make more sense after he was caught cam talking. The live vote is still a couple of days away. Will the Six Shooters or Gr8ful alliance prevail in the end?

Sitting at the top of Gr8ful, Christie, Tommy Barrone, and Jack Matthews made their threesome even more official with the alliance name of LOL, Lots of Love. Christie even shared with both of them her recent Whacktivity comp victory where she won the Diamond Power of Veto. She has the four next POV meetings to use her secret power.

Tommy and Christie were also approached by Sam, Nick, and Bella to form a final 5 group called the Flaming Five’s, but that alliance has not been solidified as of yet. Without having anyone else in the house to rely on, Jessica Milagros and Kathryn Dunn have become each other’s ride or die.

Overall, Six Shooters, AKA Gr8ful, AKA Und9able is running the Big Brother 21 house. With cracks starting to divide the group, we can only hope it’s just a matter of time before the house majority alliance implodes. We all know an unstable house is much more fun than a house with just one alliance running everything.  Here’s to the drama continuing!!!

Join us back here next week for another Big Brother 21 alliance update.

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