Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap: Monday – Week 5

After a late night involving plenty of drinking, bitching and game-playing, the Big Brother 12 Houseguests are finally roused out of bed. Kathy, Enzo and Hayden hang out on the couches sleepily discussing the Big Brother wake up music for the day. Kathy, naturally, smokes it up while they chat. Lane comes out and plops down on the couch too. They talk about how they have to do things together at night so no one suspects they are the Saboteur.

Big Brother 12 Houseguests
Big Brother 12 Houseguests (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Brendon and Rachel head outside as well. Rachel tells the other Houseguests she knows someone on, like, every reality show ever. She says she knows people from Beauty and the Geek, Real World, Road Rules, The Bachelor, etc. Rachel even claims “they” wanted her to do Road Rules, but she couldn’t bear to act “stupid.”

Dead silence from the other Houseguests on that one.

Brendon brings up the Saboteur and questions whether or not the person might have a special power. Rachel asks Britney if anyone (from BB) told her America voted on the Saboteur. The feeds cut out, as they often do when the Houseguests start talking about things they probably shouldn’t.

Now it’s mostly just a waiting game until the POV Ceremony, which happens mid-morning. Click below next to the SPOILERS tag if you want to know what happened!

[spoiler name=”SPOILERS: Power of Veto Ceremony and aftermath”]

The feeds cut out mid-morning for the Power of Veto Ceremony. When they resume, we learn that Britney has decided not to use the Power of Veto to save either Brendon or Rachel from the block.

Brendon calls Britney a spoiled brat and Rachel is fake crying all over the place. Britney tells Brendon it is obvious from his behavior that he doesn’t like women. Getting nasty! This whole mess happened about 11:40 AM BBT (Big Brother Time) for those who have the Big Brother Live Feeds and want to use the rewind to watch.

Big Brother 12 Rachel

Shortly after noon, Matt and Ragan chat in the HOH room about tricking Rachel into thinking everyone was going to vote Brendon off instead of her.

Matt has the best line of the morning when he tells Ragan in the HOH room what he is going to say when he votes to evict Rachel. “Julie, I wish what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas.”

Brendon and Rachel, meanwhile, talk about Brendon’s blowup after the POV Ceremony. Brendon reveals the whole thing was a setup when he asks Rachel “did it work” and she says “yes”. The problem is, of course, the other Houseguests are all too aware Brendon is trying to play them to vote him off instead of Rachel.

This is, of course, a totally insane thing for Brendon to be doing anyway. Obviously Brendon needs to get a clue that Rachel will probably jump on the first richer, more famous, more well-connected man she can get once she exits Big Brother. Seriously dude!


Enzo tells Hayden and Lane that Ragan is going to be the one going home next week. That would be bad news for Ragan, since he’d not only lose the game but also the $20,000 he’s trying to get as the new Saboteur. We are not thinking this is the smartest thing and we don’t really get why he would think this is a good strategy.

No one in the house seems to suspect Ragan could be the Saboteur so far. We’re kind of rooting for him to not get caught and get the $20,000. Ragan has been playing a pretty damned smart game so far, although we are pretty sure he won’t end up on top at the end.

Just before 5:00, Brendon tells Hayden he is the ONLY person Rachel and him can trust and that Hayden should NOT trust Lane and Enzo. Hayden is probably laughing his head off inside over this. Hayden, naturally, reveals all this to Enzo – who is surprised because he thought he had Brendon snookered. Now Enzo is after Brendon.

At midnight, Matt, Lane, Hayden, Ragan, Kathy and Britney hang out in the Head of Household room doing another late night talk show. Brendon and Rachel, of course, continue to get ripped to shreds throughout. Enzo, meanwhile, plays pool and makes nice with Brendon downstairs while Rachel watches.

Big Brother 12 Houseguests
Big Brother 12 Houseguests (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

The most interesting part of the day may actually be what happened just before lights out. Brendon and Rachel ended up in another argument over something Rachel found out. Rachel won’t tell Brendon what it is, but claims it is something good that will help them. Hmmmm…

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