Big Brother Jeff and Jordan Wedding Day Video!

Big Brother stars Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd had big plans for their wedding, but an unexpected surprise threw a wrench in their plans! Everything changed when Jordan suddenly found out she was pregnant after a romantic wedding planning trip to Cancun. The unexpected news prompted the the former showmance couple to rush to the courthouse right away to exchange vows, and save the grand ceremony celebration for later!

Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan wedding!
Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan wedding!

After learning they were expecting, Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder decided they didn’t want to wait any longer to get married. So they chose to go for a simple ceremony at the local courthouse for the time being, and then do the whole big thing with friends and family at Moon Palace in Cancun later as planned.

Jeff and Jordan actually got married back on March 15, but have been keeping it on the down low until just recently. What started out as just a simple trip to the courthouse, however, apparently turned into quite the lovely, fun day for the newly blessed couple!

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