Big Brother Canada 4: Weekend #8 Recap

Yet another eventful weekend in the Big Brother Canada house has come and gone. And we’ve got you covered with our weekend recap as always on the ongoings in the house!

Source: Global TV Canada

Please be warned that there are spoilers below. If you do not want to know what’s been going on in the house since Thursday night’s eviction, please do not continue reading this recap.

After Maddy’s unanimous eviction from the Big Brother house, family members were brought in to compete for Head of Household for their loved ones. Competing was: Nikki’s friend Freddy,
Joel’s mother Erika, Cassandra’s father Said, Kelsey’s sister Courtney, Phil and Nick’s mother Lyne, Jared’s sister Randall, and Tim’s father Phillip. It ended up being Cassandra’s father Said who earned victory for her.

Right away, speculation was rampant over whether Cassandra would target the brothers or Kelsey and Jared. Kelsey and Jared worked to get Cassandra to go after Nikki and the Paq brothers. She told them both that she needed them to secure the Power of Veto this week. There was a lot of talk about the brothers being against Tim and them wanting Tim out last week. Cass wondered why she wasn’t informed about this last week.

Meanwhile, the brothers threw Jared and Kelsey under the bus as well, stating that Jared wanted to get Tim out last week but couldn’t secure the votes.

Cassandra told Nikki her plan was to use her as a pawn this week. Also, Jared cornered Cassandra telling her that she should make these decisions for her and not Tim, and that he doesn’t trust him. Ultimately, this all led Cassandra to her decision to nominate Phil/Nick and Nikki.

The brothers confronted Tim after the nomination ceremony, attempting to call him out on his gameplay. Picked for the Power of Veto competition was Kelsey, Jared, and Joel.

The brothers ended up winning the Power of Veto, by agreeing to punishments including shaving their heads and not competing in next week’s Power of Veto competition. Joel now has to eat slop for the remainder of the season, and Cassandra is being forced to clean up casino chips when they are dispersed by the Jackpot machine. Cass also won a private meeting with Big Brother Canada 3 winner Sarah Hanlon.

Tim and Cassandra were furious that Kelsey and Jared did not attempt to win the Power of Veto by making sacrifices like she had wanted, whereas Joel agreed to go on slop. This lead to Cassandra considering Jared as a replacement nominee for the brothers. She also said she hopes she can smoothes things over with the brothers for the time being but expects a double and that they can be sent home this Thursday.

Cassandra got helpful advice from Sarah to stick with her alliances and to avoid shomwnaces. She took this into consideration plus the fact that she was repusled by Jared’s arrogance in the Power of Veto to use as a reason to put him on the block earlier today. When the brothers saved themselves, Cassandra placed Jared on the block.

After the ceremony, there was a confrontation between Cassandra and Jared over him being put up. He claimed she betrayed him, but she mentioned that the previous night he told people that she could not be trusted. He brushed her off and told her to leave, and she replied by saying not to come to ask her about a tiebreaker vote.

With the nominations as they are, it leaves the fates of Nikki and Jared in the hands of Kelsey, Tim, Joel, and the Paquette brothers. Jared and the brothers are already planning to turn Joel but Cassandra and Tim have a final three with him. Additionally, Jared and Nikki have been bashing one another before and after the ceremony. This should all lead to an exciting nail-biter of an eviction this week!

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