Big Brother 14 Recap: Week 10 Final HoH Round One

On CBS Big Brother 14 tonight, the final three houseguests will battle it out in the first round of the last Head of Household Competition of the season. Join us for our CBS Big Brother 14 recap to find out what happened after the last surprising eviction and who will win the first round of the most important HoH Competition of the season.


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers from round one of the final Head of Household Competition. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Dan Gheesling, Ian Terry and Danielle Murphree are just days away from finding out who will win Big Brother 14 and enough money to change their lives forever. (In Dan’s case, that could be for the second time.) The tension in the BB14 house is fierce. Veteran houseguests Dan continues to work his magic ‘mist’ on both Ian and Danielle, convincing each they are the one he wants to take to the final two. Both of them, however, are paranoid as hell and should be, since Dan has betrayed everyone he has been allied to in the house at one point or another.

Will Dan be able to maintain his control over both Ian and Danielle as the houseguests go into the critical first round of the HoH Comp? Can he possibly even convince one or both to throw the comp to him so he can skate through to the last round?  Or will the two of them finally get a clue and figure out the only way one of them is going to win is to get Dan out? Let’s watch and find out what happens!

CBS Big Brother 14 begins tonight with the aftermath of Dan Gheesling’s decision to evict Shane Meaney last week. Dan’s protegé, Danielle Murphree, has been stalking snuggling Shane all season and she might just be more than a little pissed at her mentor’s choice to evict her no-mance instead of hammock-swinging Ian Terry.

Dan currently has a final two deal with both Danielle and Ian, although neither of them know Dan is in cahoots with their rival. Dan’s best bet to win is probably to get Danielle to the final two. Not only is he more likely to get voted to win, but hell — he could probably argue he still deserves that original $100,000 coach’s prize too that he signed up for at the beginning.

Ian is thrilled to be in the final three and can’t believe he has made it so far on Big Brother 14 after being a fan all his life. Poor Ian seems to have absolute trust in his final two ‘renegades’ deal with Dan and doesn’t get how he is being played by Dan and Danielle.

Danielle is angry at Dan, even though from the Big Brother live feeds, viewers kind of thought she was clued in that Shane was about to get booted by Dan last week. Dan continues to ‘mist’ and coddle her, telling her he had to evict Shane because she couldn’t beat him and he is doing what he has to in order to make sure she  wins. Wins? Yes, wins. Dan has repeatedly told her (and Ian) about how no one will vote for him to win Big Brother again, right? So they really want him as their final two partner, you know? Right?

Keep misting Dan, keep misting.

To celebrate making it to the final three, the remaining houseguests are treated to a celebratory champagne brunch. Dan makes a toast to the others about how they are great people “that deserve everything they get.” Which means a whole lot more to us out here than it does to the two sitting at the table with him. Oh Dan, you are full of yourself, aren’t you?

Over brunch, the houseguests talk about the season and review some of the highlights of BB14. They discuss forming the ‘Quack Pack’ alliance, which did manage to make it to the final four, which was pretty impressive. They talk about the coaches twist and the previously eliminated coaches, Janielle Pierzina, Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin, and Britney Haynes.

We get to see some clips of Mike Boogie reading a bible, Britney beating the hell out of Frank Eudy‘s teddy bear when she was put on the eviction block, Willie Hantz going after Chef Joe Arvin, leading to his self-eviction by removal from the game. Good times, good times.

Next we have the no-mance of Shane and Danielle, which CBS really tried hard to make into a real showmance with careful editing this season. They didn’t have much else to work with besides Frank and Ashley Iocco making out once, so what do you do?

Oh, there was that one psuedo-date between Ian and Ashley that we get to remember, but that was never really going to go anywhere.

One of my favorite clips is of Frank and Ian going head to head while Frank was still wearing that ridiculous carrot suit. That was such a fun fight and I especially liked laughing at Ian flipping off Frank behind his back.

Then we have one of the most awesome moments of the season when Dan throws his ‘Big Brother funeral’ and shocks Danielle by suddenly telling her she was dead to him in the game. (Which turned out just to be a ruse to distract the others while he made a final 2 deal with Frank Eudy, which he later betrayed.) Danielle is still pissy at Dan over  that incident.

Ian says that only one ‘Quack Pack’ member can win it all and “may the best duck win.” He is really too cute. I just want to put him in my pocket.

At last it is time for the first round of the final Big Brother 14 Head of Household Competition. The game is called “Hook, Line and Sinker” and it is one of the nastier endurance competitions I’ve seen on the show. The houseguests are suspended on hooks and swung over a pit of water and dunked up to their necks. Then they are swung over and banged into a wall. Back and forth, forth and back. Shaking, freezing and in pain. Fun!

Of course, the endurance competition doesn’t end before the show does, so CBS Big Brother 14 fans will have to wait until the live Big Brother 14 finale on Wednesday to see the end. Or you can read up on the spoilers here for who wins the first round and how — it’s a shocker! The second round has also gone down already and you can read the results of that here.

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