Big Brother 14 Finale Predictions: Who Will Win Big Brother 2012?

The Big Brother 14 finale airs tonight and there are three houseguests left hoping they will walk away with a cool half-million dollar prize at the end of the evening. Who will win Big Brother 2012? Will it be nurse Danielle Murphree, student Ian Terry or veteran returning player Dan Gheesling? Check out our Big Brother 14 finale predictions for what will go down tonight and share yours with us!

Tonight on the Big Brother 14 finale, starting at 9:30 PM ET/PT, the last three houseguests will battle it out in the final Head of Household Competition. Whoever wins round one will get to skip ahead to round 3 of the competition. The houseguest that loses out in round 2 will be at the mercy of the two winners and their scheming.

Rounds 1 and 2 of the final Head of Household Competition have already played out and the Big Brother 14 spoilers for those came out on the Big Brother 14 live feeds. We won’t give you those spoilers here just in case you prefer not to know, but let’s just say things are going to get VERY interesting tonight before we go into round 3 of the competition live.

Once the final 2 houesguests are revealed, they will have to make their cases to the Big Brother 14 finale Jury. There will be seven votes available to earn: Ashley Iocco, Britney Haynes, Frank Eudy, Joe Arvin, Jenn Arroyo, Shane Meaney and the third place houseguest who will be evicted tonight.

If the vote comes down to Dan versus Danielle, who won Big Brother 14 will come down to whether or not the jury vote is ‘personal’ or based on game play.

Danielle could end up as the Big Brother 14 winner if some of the evicted houseguests decide they want ‘revenge’ against Dan Gheesling for dirty game play or want to give the win to a new player. Ashley might vote for the newbie, Frank might vote against Dan out of spite over his betrayal of their final 2 deal. Jenn might decide to support the girl over the guy, and Joe and Shane are most likely to vote for Danielle.

On the other hand, Frank might be over his anger toward Dan and vote purely on game play. Ashley might choose to give her vote based on game play as well. Jenn could possibly vote for Dan despite her eviction. The balance of power shifts quickly if the houseguests decide to reward the best game player and in that case, Dan wins it.

In a Dan versus Danielle scenario, my personal Big Brother 14 finale prediction is for Dan to take the win. If he does lose out to Danielle, I wonder if he could make the case to still take home that $100k coach prize for getting his player to the winner’s circle? Hmmmm.

If the vote comes down to Dan versus Ian, I think the vote is less sure for Dan because Ian has also made some big moves in the game (although Dan admittedly had his hands in there for most of them). Perhaps that is just wish-fulfillment because I personally just want to see Ian Terry win this thing and be the happiest Big Brother player EVER. Still, I think he will garner some respect for being so instrumental in getting out Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin and sticking it out all the way to the final three against high odds.

Ashley is questionable, but I think she’ll support newbie Ian over veteran player Dan because of his whole adorable crush on her. Britney may decide to give Dan her vote purely on game play, but if she is still secretly too bitter to do it, she may give it over to her hardcore supporter Ian. I’m hoping that would be the case. Frank is not happy with either Dan or Ian, but he may have harder feelings toward Ian for playing him and Boogie so long. I’m guessing he’ll vote against Dan no matter what.

Jenn will probably vote for Dan just because she just does not like Ian and is pissed at him for betraying his ‘team’. Shane is likely to vote against Dan because he’s mad as hell at him and Danielle will probably not convince him otherwise. As for Danielle, she’s a solid Dan voter unless she believes he screwed her in the end and totally betrayed her. If she thinks that may have happened, Dan could be toast.

Sadly, I’m still going to go with Dan probably winning if he ends up in the final 2 with Ian, but I am really, really hoping I am wrong in this Big Brother 14 prediction.

In fact, I’m hoping that something major will happen tonight and render both of these scenarios totally moot because Ian AND Danielle end up in the Big Brother 14 final 2. While that looks extremely unlikely at this point, it would be awesome and in that situation… go Ian!

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