Who Got Voted Off Big Brother Tonight? 8/6/2013

Big Brother 15 Cast 2On CBS Big Brother tonight, two HouseGuests went home in a surprise double eviction episode. While it wasn’t hard to predict who would be voted off Big Brother 15 in the first eviction, the second cast member leaving tonight was anyone’s guess. And you just might not believe who it was!

Thanks to a CBS announcement earlier this week, we know that the Big Brother 2013 cast members who are evicted tonight will both join the largest Jury ever for the show. This is bad news for several players who have been less than nice to the eliminated players. No one wants a bitter Jury member to deal with if they make it to the finale.

So which HouseGuests got voted off Big Brother tonight? Keep on reading for the scoop on which two players were shoved out the door this evening!

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers on game play, competition results, strategy, alliances and other information from the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds that has not yet been shown on the CBS network show. Proceed with caution!

Our prediction for the person who would be voted off Big Brother 15 in the first round of the double eviction wasn’t difficult to make. Ever since Candice was put up by new Head of Household GinaMarie, it’s just been a long, slow death march for her in the house.

Although several HouseGuests (including Jessie), really tried to work the other players to flip the vote against Most Valuable Player eviction nominee Amanda — the plan just didn’t gain enough traction. A lot of this was due to Helen’s refusal to flip because she was afraid of going against the house. Andy was also unwilling to flip because he is in tight with Amanda and McCrae.

Here are the results of the first live eviction vote:

McCrae: Votes to evict Candice
Aaryn: Votes to evict Candice “the clown”
Helen: Votes to evict “my boo” Candice
Jessie: Votes to evict “my friend” Candice
Elissa: Votes to evict Candice (“I don’t want to do this, but everyone else did.”)
Andy: Votes to evict “the very feisty” Candice
Judd: Votes to evict Candice

With a vote of seven to zero, Candice was evicted from Big Brother 15. She will now be the first member of the Jury.

It sucks for Candice to be evicted — even more so knowing that her arch-enemies GinaMarie and Aaryn are still in the house. She’ll get her revenge though. There are a lot of people who treated Candice very badly and if they make it to the finale, she’ll be waving that Jury vote in their faces. Plus, GinaMarie just made herself look like a total a**hole on live television by insulting Candice for being adopted (“At least my mom likes me, not like yours!”) as she walked the door.

As for the second round of the double eviction, that ended up being quite the shocker for anyone who hasn’t been following along on the Big Brother Live Feeds. And it was all because of Aaryn. The blond Texas girl not only won the Head of Household Competition, she also won the Power of Veto Competition as well. This allowed her to nominate Jessie and Spencer. And then backdoor and blindside Judd as the replacement nominee after taking Jessie off the block. From there, it was a quick step to a unanimous vote against Judd, sending him packing right out the door. He becomes the second Jury member of the season.

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