Untitled-1 copyIf you’ve never experienced a Big Brother double eviction episode, then you are in for a wild ride of a treat tonight!

The Big Brother 15 cast members have no idea that two of them will be getting the boot tonight and not many of them have really been planning much for when it happens, so there will be plenty of drama to enjoy.

The HouseGuests (and us!) will probably sleep for half of Friday because it’s going to be one exhausting evening of events. So how will the Big Brother 2013 double eviction work tonight and what will the players have to do to survive?

Instead of a long, drawn-out intro portion on Big Brother tonight, we’ll race quickly along to the first eviction. (For spoilers on who that is likely going to be, click here.) Whichever HouseGuest gets knocked out first may not even get the chance for an exit interview with host Julie Chen, which will really suck if it is who we think it will be. There are definitely some questions we’d like to hear Julie ask them!

After the eviction, the players will be shoved outside to compete immediately in the first Head of Household Competition of the evening. Watch closely for those priceless reactions when the HouseGuests realize it will indeed be a BB15 double eviction live show.

Well, sort of live. Last week, it appears that CBS pre-recorded portions of the “live” eviction show because they were allegedly concerned about the whole portrayal of Aaryn as a big racist with Howard being voted out of the house. Considering that the Big Brother Live Feeds once again went to trivia early this morning, it is likely this is happening again for similar reasons, especially in light of who will probably be evicted tonight.

The first HoH winner will then have only moments to decide who they are going to put up for eviction. There will probably not be a third Most Valuable Player eviction nominee. (Because, of course, there will be no time to vote.) In fact, this may just be the end of the whole MVP twist entirely or it may revert back to the previous way it worked after tonight, we’ll have to wait and see.

Following the nominations, the eviction nominees, Head of Household and two randomly selected players will compete in the Power of Veto Competition. With only a few minutes to collect themselves, they will jump into the Power of Veto Ceremony, where the PoV winner will choose to save someone from the block or not — and a replacement nominee will be chosen or not, depending.

After all of this, it’s on to the second eviction of the night. This person will potentially get their exit interview with Julie, depending on time. After that, we’ll have to have a new Head of Household again, which means another HoH Competition. We may or may not see part of this on the CBS Big Brother 15 show. Unfortunately, we may not get to see the second HoH Competition on the Big Brother Live Feeds either this time, unlike when we get to watch the end of endurance comps. However, Live Feeds viewers will find out who the new Head of Household is before anyone else.

So that’s pretty much the gist of how the whole Big Brother 15 double eviction should play out this evening. Be sure to tune in with us for our live Big Brother 2013 recap starting at 9 PM ET!


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