Big Brother 15 Power Rankings: Who Rules the House in Week 7?

8-9-2013 08-44-22 AMAfter drama-filled double eviction on Big Brother 15 last night, the majority power group in the house is still reeling and a little bit in shock. As they should be after pretty much eating one of their own in a nasty backdoor blindside that sent Judd packing to the Jury house. The realization is dawning on everyone that there are very few targets left that aren’t part of the majority alliance. Could it be time for another big move and backdoor blindside this week?

The double eviction on Big Brother 2013 last night was clear proof once again that Amanda and Helen are really the big power figures in the house right now. Helen’s star is fading but she could have been the linchpin in a backroom deal to flip the vote against Amanda but she didn’t. With her strong connections to Andy and Elissa in particular, she’s still a power to be reckoned with… unless they decide now is the right time to get rid of her. Andy is more loyal to McCrae and Amanda at present and Elissa is malleable, so they could be persuaded to turn against her.

Despite her constant paranoia that she is going to be evicted at any second, the true power in the house still resides right now with Amanda and her showmance partner McCrae. Their relationship has suffered some setbacks this week, however, and we think McCrae will eventually be willing to dump Amanda like a hot rock the second he thinks it is to his advantage. Of course, that may also be true for Amanda in regard to McCrae. Andy told Amanda that she is playing a ‘perfect strategic game’ and we have to grudgingly admit she is amazing at escaping eviction — although we wouldn’t say her game is perfect by any means.

So who do we think is on top of the pack this week? Check out our Big Brother Power Rankings for week 7!

Big Brother 2013 Andy Herren1. Andy — Just because Andy is Head of Household is not the only reason we gave him our number one spot this week. Andy has played an amazing social game and is pretty much on good terms with everyone in the house. No one at all is discussing targeting Andy right now in any serious way. Everyone wants Andy on their side because of his influence in the house. Helen consults him on every move. McCrae and Amanda believe he’s in their back pocket. Andy will be the key factor in what happens this week all the way around. He’ll either protect his strongest allies — Amanda, McCrae and Helen — or lead the backdoor betrayal against one of them.

2. Amanda — We give Amanda our second place ranking because as of right now, she’s still pulling the majority of the strings in the house. Her power position, along with her showmance with McCrae, have balanced her on a razor’s edge. She is both incredibly valuable and influential and a huge target. Unless another backdoor blindside vote flip comes about, Amanda will be instrumental and a major force behind the eviction this week.

Big Brother 2013 Cast McCrae Olson3. McCrae — The best and worst thing about McCrae is his showmance with Amanda. Being hooked up with her gives him a strong power base to work with because of their mutual influence in the house. Plus, Amanda is a more tasty target than he is because frankly, people just don’t like Amanda and would rather have her out than him. However, he is constantly in danger of going on the block with Amanda when his allies finally figure out they need to get the two of them the hell out of the house or one of them is going to win.

4. Helen — Helen may think getting rid of Judd was the best thing for her game but we think she is wrong. If Helen had played things right, she could have made a strong anti-McCranda alliance with Judd, GinaMarie, Spencer and Jessie. It’s possible she might have also been able to get Andy to wiggle his primary loyalty their way (she thinks she already has it but she doesn’t). Right now Helen has moved from being the strongest in the house to the person everyone is tolerating because she is still useful and can command Elissa’s vote as well. (Although this is debatable, Elissa doesn’t like being ordered about.) Helen could be the next major power player the house decides to turn against.

Big Brother 2013 Aaryn Gries5. Aaryn — Over the past couple of weeks, Aaryn has moved from being a huge target for the house majority to a trusted confederate of Amanda, McCrae and Andy. The four of them now have their own final four deal (although Aaryn is not officially in The Goof Troop alliance, which used to be a final four with Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd). No one is targeting Aaryn this week. No one is even talking about putting her up as a replacement nominee. This is frankly amazing. We really don’t like Aaryn but she has done a seriously good job of crawling out of the muck and back up to near the top of the pack. Winning the Head of Household AND the Power of Veto Competition this week, followed by a blindside backdoor eviction of Judd put her back in a power seat. She shouldn’t get too comfortable there though, because it will likely also start making people think of her as a threat again.

The Rest: Elissa, GinaMarie, Jessie, Spencer — Jessie and Spencer are in the most danger this week. No one trusts Jessie because of her constant floating and flip-flopping in the house. Plus, she’s just abrasive and annoying. No one likes Spencer because he’s a proven liar and will do whatever he has to in order to stay in the house, even backstab his own allies. Although the current majority target is Jessie, there has been talk of switching to Spencer. As for Elissa and GinaMarie? Well, they aren’t currently major targets but they have little real power in the house, except as votes for the majority to use.


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