Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Who Was Nominated For Eviction in Week 7?

Big Brother 2013 host Julie ChenWe’ve just found who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother in week 7… and we’re not feeling very happy right now. After the Big Brother 15 cast made a big move by blindsiding and backdooring Judd in the second leg of the double eviction on Thursday, we were hopeful this week was going to full of exciting game play. Sadly, it looks like the new HoH is unwilling to make any major waves and strike while the iron is hot to get out another serious power player.

Of course, it is early in the week and things could potentially change. We’ve had several sudden vote flips and two backdoor evictions already. So there is always a chance there will be some kind of shake up as we get closer to Thursday night. Some of the HouseGuests have been talking about working a plan to get another power player out. So you never know!

So who was nominated on Big Brother for eviction this week by the new HoH? Just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

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Head of Household Andy stuck with the plan he formulated with the house majority to put up Spencer and Jessie on the block. Jessie is currently the target, although some of the HouseGuests are wondering if it might be better to get Spencer out this week.

There is also a bit of rogue talk about backdooring Amanda depending on who wins Power of Veto but it doesn’t look there is a lot of momentum going on there yet. If Jessie wins the PoV, however, there is strong talk about backdooring GinaMarie rather than voting out Spencer.


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