Who Was Nominated For Eviction on Big Brother Tonight? 7/31/2016

Who is nominated on Big Brother this week for eviction and which houseguest is currently in most danger of getting the boot? We have the Big Brother spoilers on which two players the new Head of Household has put up on the block in week six!


The Head of Household Competition on Thursday night wasn’t finished until after the CBS show was over, so we had to wait to find out the winner on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Unfortunately, we did not get to watch the rest of the challenge on the Feeds as we have so often in the past (thanks CBS!), but we did finally learn who won when they came back up: Paul Abrahamian. We had to wait until Sunday night’s CBS TV episode to actually watch the rest of the HoH comp play out — or at least some of it anyway.

As soon as Paul nabbed the Head of Household win, he was already talking fast about who to put up on the block. In particular, Paul was on the hunt for a pawn to put up against former Frank Eudy ally Bridgette Dunning on the block. Paul first asked Victor and Corey about possibly going up as a pawn. Victor was having none of it because he’s just gotten back into the house and feels too vulnerable to go on the block. Paulie wasn’t too keen on the idea either.

Corey and Paulie actually want to get Da’Vonne out of the house this week instead of Bridgette. They think Da’Vonne is way more of a threat, especially considering how openly she’s talked about getting out the ‘showmance’ couples. When they bring this up to Paul, however, he is totally against the idea. He wants Bridgette out and he still wants a pawn to go up with her. However, in an attempt to keep his allies happy, Paul finally agreed late on Thursday night that he would consider putting Da’Vonne up as a renom if the Power of Veto gets used.


Still on the hunt for a pawn, Paul is told very clearly by James that putting Natalie up against Bridgette is totally a no. Crazily enough, Nicole actually agrees she would be willing to go up as a pawn if Paul absolutely promised Da’Vonne would be the target. Corey also ends up volunteering as well. In the end, even Paulie loses his mind and actually volunteers to do the job. Since Paul really seemed to want Paulie or Victor as his pawn from the beginning, he jumps on this immediately as the best plan.

The Eviction Nominations Ceremony should take place sometime on Friday afternoon or evening, but as of right now, it looks like Paul will be putting Bridgette and Paulie on the block. Things could still change at some point before the ceremony, but right now Paul looks pretty firm in his choices.

As far as who is in most danger of being evicted this week, Paul still wants Bridgette out, but told Nicole, Corey, Paulie and Zakiyah that if the house wants Da’Vonne out and she goes up as a renom, he’ll bow to the wishes of the house. Of course, he has total control over who will be put up as a replacement nominee if someone does use the Power of Veto. So we’ll have to wait and see if he’s telling the truth.

At the Nominations Ceremony, Paul revealed that he was indeed going to put up Bridgette and Paulie on the block. At this point Paul still wants Bridgette out, but he may be swayed by the other houseguests to get out Da’Vonne if she should somehow end up on the block following the Power of Veto Competition. From the Big Brother Live Feeds, we know that Paul lied to Bridgette pretty much, however, about his true intentions of wanting her out. Instead, he told her after the Nominations Ceremony that they have plenty of votes to backdoor Da’Vonne.


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