8-8-2013 03-11-01 PMLast night’s Big Brother 15 double eviction episode left the HouseGuests and the viewers with a slightly foul taste in their mouths. After a predictable first elimination of Candice Stewart, the players came together to rudely backdoor and blindside Judd  Daughtery for the second eviction — and then cried and mourned over the success of their nefarious plan all night long.

We also found out last night who the new Head of Household is from Big Brother spoilers on the Live Feeds and wow, there was some major drama as a result of that competition! Who won HoH on Big Brother this week? Well, let’s just say it was the second most unlikely person you would guess. We’re not even sure why this player didn’t throw the competition when being Head of Household is really way too much spotlight on them!

SPOILER ALERT: This report contains Big Brother 15 spoilers on game play, alliances, competition results and other information from the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds that has not been shown on the CBS network show yet. You have been warned!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 7 Thursday Evening Report — August 8, 2013

8-9-2013 08-33-55 AM7:05 PM BBT: Live Feeds return after the double eviction show and everyone (except grinning Jessie and Elissa) seems deeply disturbed by coming together to backdoor and blindside Judd in the second eviction.

Poor Judd didn’t even get a chance to collect his stuff and now has to rely on the HouseGuests and production to retrieve his belongings. (At least he was wearing his infamous bear shirt though…) No one really seems to feel all that badly about Candice’s eviction. Despite the mourning going on, Helen won’t shut up about what a smart move it was to get Judd out.

8-9-2013 08-36-11 AM7:20 PM BBT: GinaMarie goes off about why she got into it with Candice on live television (well, allegedly live television) both during the eviction speeches and as Candice was headed out the door.

Candice certainly said some b*tchy things to GinaMarie in all of this, but GM’s nasty insult to Candice about being adopted was way over the top. (“At least my mom likes me, not like yours!”) However, one of the HouseGuests seem to agree with us that this was going too far. This marks at least the third time either Aaryn or GinaMarie has insulted Candice for being adopted.

8-9-2013 08-37-47 AM7:25 PM BBT: Amanda moves from her “get Judd out” obsession (which followed her “get Howard out” obsession) to her “OMG Judd is going to come back into the game” obsession. This is fueled, of course, by Big Brother 15 host Julie Chen telling the HouseGuests that ‘just because you are on the Jury, doesn’t mean you are out of the game.’

7:30 PM BBT: Amanda swears to Aaryn that she will never doubt her after what she did to get Judd out of the house. She tells Aaryn that they are in it for the final four with McCrae and Andy.

Meanwhile, Spencer tells GinaMarie she should never talk about the now defunct ‘Grasshoppers’ secret alliance (Spencer, Judd, Kaitlin and GM) because that is one of the things that ended up sending Judd home. Really though, pretty much everyone thought it was a made up alliance and not actually real.

8-9-2013 08-39-25 AM8:00 PM BBT: In one of those WTF moments, Aaryn says that Candice is a racist. Seriously, it is totally true that you can be a racist no matter what race you are — but Candice is biracial, first of all. So that would be some serious self-hate if she were racist against ‘white’ people. And Candice never had a any kind of problem about that issue with anyone in the house until they started attacking her and making racist remarks about her. Seriously Aaryn? Candice said some nasty things but calling her a racist because she didn’t like the mean girls saying derogatory things about her is just stupid.

8:40 PM BBT: The Big Brother Live Feeds go to trivia for the second Head of Household Competition to determine the new HoH for the rest of week 7.

10:00 PM BBT: The Live Feeds return and we learn that Andy, of all people, has won the Head of Household. Now, we don’t get why Andy would WANT to win the HoH and wouldn’t throw it. He is doing very, very well being ninja Andy and sneaking around working his deals with everyone in the house. Being HoH puts a big spotlight on you, which is the last thing we think he should want.

8-9-2013 08-40-20 AMAmanda is seriously upset that she didn’t win and apparently blames McCrae for knocking her out of the competition somehow. She is crying and yelling at him. Amanda is constantly convinced that she is the next person going to be evicted and her paranoia is so crazy, we worry that she need medication. Of course, being paranoid doesn’t necessarily mean someone isn’t really after you.

We also learn that Helen, Aaryn, Elissa and GinaMarie all volunteered to be Have Nots this week so that Andy would not have to pick people. Thus Andy manages not to get his hands dirty at all with that.

10:10 PM BBT: Amanda is still very pissed about the Power of Veto Competition but she acknowledges she is a sore loser.

8-9-2013 08-44-22 AM10:30 PM BBT: Andy reassures Amanda that she is totally fine and not in danger this week. Amanda is pissed that McCrae didn’t let her win (apparently something he did kept her from winning.) Andy tells Amanda that her “strategic game is flawless.” Andy has been seriously protecting Amanda and McCrae’s back, especially during the vote flipping attempt this past week, so we believe he is being honest. He says he is going to put up Jessie and Spencer but will tell Spencer that Jessie is the target. He doesn’t want to put anyone else up against Jessie because he is afraid of some kind of vote flip. Spencer has officially become the unimportant piece of furniture that everyone is going to put up as a pawn until he is no longer useful and gets evicted.

11:00 PM BBT: McCrae and Andy are totally upset about backdooring and blindsiding Judd, even though they were right there in the midst of making it happen. You should feel bad. Amanda is going to ruin your game eventually guys. You had the perfect opportunity to get her out Andy. And McCrae, this showmance will be your death knell.

8-9-2013 08-45-20 AM11:15 PM BBT: Aaryn does get an HoH basket, which is nice, since she does not get to have the HoH room or any of the other perks this week because of the rapid double eviction/double HoH Competition. In fact, now she has to eat slop and sleep on the horrid airplane seats in the Have Not room. We are not-so-secretly a bit gleeful about this. Since she can’t get food, Aaryn gets stuff like conditioner and a pair of Michael Kors shoes. She wonders if Kaitlin sent her some of the stuff.

11:25 PM BBT: GinaMarie says that Candice did not leave classy. We would say that sounds a lot like the pot calling the kettle black but Aaryn would probably call us racist or something. Meanwhile, McCrae is crying over Judd some more. He thinks evicting Judd is going to truly f**k his game. Amanda says it won’t. Amanda says they have to target people who might put them up together tand that Judd lied to them all the time. McCrae just doesn’t want to hear it really.

8-9-2013 08-47-44 AM12:10 PM BBT: Some of the HouseGuests discuss the possibility of a player returning to the game. Candice seems an unlikely possibility because of the way she went out. They think Andy will get Pandora’s Box or some kind of power.

12:50 AM BBT: Andy gets his Head of Household room and everyone plays nice with him. No one really hates Andy. Well, Spencer and Aaryn maybe secretly hate him or at least gays in general based on some of the crap they’ve said. But mostly everyone sees ninja Andy as an asset, not a threat, so they all act friendly.

1:15 AM BBT: The HouseGuests are given access to the backyard again and some much needed alcohol. GinaMarie tells Aaryn that she was shocked about how the double eviction went down because she thought everyone was on the same page to get Jessie out next, not Judd.

2:40 AM BBT: Apparently the HGs not only don’t think GinaMarie’s adoption comment was terrible, some of them actually think it was funny. Amanda doesn’t think it was but we can’t like her for that, we hate her too much. We really don’t even know who to root for anymore with this cast.

8-9-2013 08-49-50 AM2:45 AM BBT: Jessie asks Elissa if she should be concerned about the upcoming eviction nominations. Jessie wants to know if Helen might be able to influence Andy to save her. Elissa says that Andy will do what the majority in the house wants. Jessie says that means she will go up again. Elissa says Jessie should start campaigning then. Jessie talks about putting up McCrae and Amanda as the last showmance in the house. Elissa says she would be shocked if Andy would do that. She suggests that Jessie really emphasize the idea of Spencer and GinaMarie going up.

Helen comes in. Jessie says if she goes up against GinaMarie or Spencer, she will go home and she doesn’t think Andy will make a power move against McCrae and Amanda. Helen says she will talk to Andy about seizing the opportunity while they have it. Elissa thinks Andy should make a power move and that is the whole point of being Head of Household.

8-9-2013 08-51-16 AM2:55 AM BBT: Jessie begs Aaryn to help save her this week and says she wouldn’t be here if Aaryn hadn’t backdoored Judd in the second eviction. They hug it out and Jessie leaves.

3:00 AM BBT: Helen, Elissa, Aaryn and GinaMarie talk about who should go first, Spencer or Jessie. Aaryn says she will do what Andy wants. She talks about how Jessie is trying to switch the vote to Amanda and McCrae. They think Jessie is easier to manage than Spencer. Aaryn wants Andy to target Spencer rather than Jessie. Helen says she thinks Judd was the MVP who put Amanda up. (Which is one of the reasons he got targeted.)

Elissa, Aaryn and GinaMarie all talk about Judd’s final two deals with everyone. Aaryn says that Judd kissed her but it wasn’t romantic on her part. Aaryn promises GinaMarie that she will be safe this week even if she goes up as the replacement nominee.

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