Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap: Friday – Week 7

WARNING! Big Brother Live Feed recaps inherently contain some SPOILERS of what is going on in the Big Brother 12 house that you might otherwise not know about until the CBS Big Brother shows air. So if you don’t want spoilers, beware!

Big Brother 12 Britney
Britney plans her nominations (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Friday in the Big Brother 12 house is a big day! The Have-Nots for the week are chosen. New Head of Household Britney makes her nominations for eviction. All the rest of the Houseguests run around like crazy trying to keep themselves alive in the game and not get put up on the block. We do so love Big Brother Live Feed Fridays!

Starting off the day, Matt and Ragan make fun of Lane for running out of Britney’s Head of Household room after seeing her pictures – including that of her fiancé Nick. Lane says that in the Diary Room, he was asked if he thought he could beat up Nick.

In the Taj Room, Hayden, Enzo and Brendon are slowly rousing out of bed. Brendon says he will call out Matt today because he’s pissed at him.

A bit later, Ragan talks about the appearances they will get out of being on Big Brother. He talks about doing a fundraising even for Matt’s wife and her “bone disease”. Britney pipes in that Big Brother has a huge audience and that has big fundraising potential. Matt has got to just be dying inside that he still has everyone convinced of that huge lie.

Hayden and Enzo talk about how they don’t want to be up against Matt in the final two because they think he would win. Hayden wants Matt out and wants Lane on board. Ragan comes by and says he has been hearing construction outside, probably for a competition.

LOL! Britney finds a bright red hair on Lane’s bed and asks him “why do you have a nasty ass hair of Rachel‘s on your pillow?” Everyone is grossed out.

Shortly after 11:00 AM BBT (Big Brother Time), the Houseguests head outside for the Have/Have-Not and Food Competitions. You can hear production tell the Houseguests to have ‘more enthusiasm’ about the upcoming competition. Then the feeds cut out.

Just after 1:00 PM BBT the feeds come back up. Brendon, Enzo and Hayden are revealed as the Have-Nots for the week. They will be forced to eat beans and broccoli along with their slop this week. It’s going to be getting stinky in the Big Brother house this week! The Houseguests are all dressed like cowboys.

Britney talks to Matt about her nominations and her speech. She says she is ready to break her deal with Brendon and Matt points out someone hasn’t been on the block yet (Enzo).

Hayden and Ragan whisper. Hayden tells Ragan someone told Britney that either he or Lane or Enzo bashed on her last week. Ragan says he has no idea who Britney is going to nominate. A bit later, Matt says he thinks Enzo and Brendon will be put up.

Around 2:00 PM BBT, Brendon approaches Britney trying to get confirmation that they are still “on” with their deal for this week. Britney says she is having a hard time. She is lying, of course, she hates Brendon and is quite ready to nominate him. Brendon tries to persuade her that Matt and Ragan pushed to get her nominated last week. The two get a bit heated in discussing the upcoming nominations. Brendon whines about Matt attacking him during the live show and playing dirty. He’s suck a f**king baby.

Enzo and Hayden, meanwhile, are pissed that Matt did not put up Britney with his Diamond Power of Veto instead of Kathy. They want Matt and Ragan to go up next. An hour later, Brendon, Enzo and Hayden continue on in the same discussion, talking about needing to get rid of Matt.

Around 5:30 PM BBT, Enzo, Lane and Hayden tell Britney they want to see Matt go up on the block. Britney runs off to tell Matt… and the feeds cut off. Time for the Nomination Ceremony!

The Live Feeds return  just before 7:00 PM BBT and Enzo and Brendon are bitching about being nominated. Well, looks like Matt was spot on about who Britney would put up. No big surprise there. Britney talks to Enzo in private and swears he will not go home this week. (Yeah, how you going to keep that promise?)

The Live Feeds go to trivia for a while and when they return it looks like the Houseguests have gotten information about the Veto Competition. The contest will be a challenge of some kind and they are trying to figure out what it is.

Lane and Britney flirt, but the feeds keep cutting out…

Britney goes up for a bubble bath just before 9:00 PM BBT and spends forever lounging in the water and talking out loud to her family via the Live Feeds. Hayden, Ragan and Enzo quiz each other in preparation for more quiz competitions.

Closing out the evening, Matt and Ragan agree that if Brendon somehow saves himself with the Power of Veto, that Hayden should go up as the replacement. They desperately want to win the Power of Veto to make sure Brendon doesn’t come off the block. They agree that there must be a double eviction this week according to the math. (They are right, of course.)

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