Big Brother 19: Preseason Roundtable Discussion-Our take on Cast, Rumors, and Twists

The Big Brother Access team decided to try something different. We conducted a roundtable questionnaire to discuss Big Brother 19. We thought this could be a fun informal series that we do a few times during Big Brother 19. Writers and social media correspondents Dan L., Jerrica T., and Danielle Z. talked about the new cast, twists, and rumors.

Big Brother 2017 Julie Chen

This Big Brother Access team will be working hard all summer to bring you round the clock Big Brother 19 coverage. Therefore, make sure to support them by getting your live feeds through our affiliate link. Now to the questions, enjoy!

What are your initial impressions/reactions to the Big Brother 19 houseguests? Who is your favorite so far? Who do you like the least so far?

Dan: I was very enthusiastic about this new group of houseguests. There’s a bigger age range than usual and some character-types that we are not used to seeing. I think there’s a lot of potential with this group and I look forward to seeing what they bring to the table this summer. Christmas, Dominique, and Josh are among my favorites. All three had personalities that I really enjoyed through all of their interviews. My least favorites are Jillian and Cody, I’m not sure what they will bring to the table.

Danielle: Looks like we’ve got another group of interesting people. I don’t like to pick favorites until after I’ve seen them in action. One thing I’ve learned watching many season of BB is that sometimes people who speak well and present themselves well off the bat can go down in flames in week one.

Jerrica: I was pleasantly surprised because there are so many BB19 cast members that I actually like. I don’t really strongly dislike anyone preseason, but I deducted points from anyone who said that they prefered guys to girls. I’ve known a lot of women and I have met very few catty ones, so I hate when women play up that stereotype about other women.

If I had to pick only one of each gender, I would say Christmas was my favorite female player. She reminds me of Vanessa Rousso but with a better social game. Ramses is my favorite male because he’s a slight twist on the Big Brother fan stereotype and he seems relatable. However, I reserve the right to change my opinion once I see them play the game.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton

What are your opinions on the newest Big Brother 19 twist: The Den of Temptation?

Danielle: I’m pretty excited about this one. I hope we get to see some really good temptations, and some even better consequences. Expect the unexpected!

Jerrica: LOVE THIS TWIST. Ever since Pandora’s Box got introduced, every season I hope to see it return. This Den of Temptation feels like my BB hopes have finally been answered. I think it’ll bring the same intensity BBOTT voting brought, but this time I’m excited for it. There are so many creative twist possibilities with something like the Den of Temptation.

Dan: I’m cautiously optimistic about this twist. I know some just feel it will be a Pandora’s Box every week, but I hope they make some more interesting temptations and game-changing twists that will make the houseguests play the game on another level.

I worry about where this could go, especially with America voting, but I am choosing to believe it could make for some interesting scenarios. Ones where we might have tweaks to the game each week if temptations are taken.

Paul Abrahamian BB18

How do you feel about Paul Abrahamian possibly returning to BB19?

Jerrica: All Big Brother 18, I had a love-hate relationship with Paul. Sometimes I adored him, and other times he tested my nerves. However, one of the best things about Paul is that he’s a showman. You can always expect him to put on a show for the audience. I appreciate that level of commitment.

Dan: Ugh. I was a fan of Paul, but I was so much looking forward to a season without another returning players. If he does indeed return, I know he’ll dominate the airwaves until he’s evicted. it’s just going to ruin what could’ve been such a pure, good season of Big Brother.

I’ll hope for the best, and that with only one returning houseguest (assuming this is all true), he’ll be disposed of quickly and we can shine a spotlight on our 16 new houseguests. The biggest thing that bothers me about this rumor is that we might get Paul in turn for one of the others going out on the first night or two, which completely robs them of their experience, and us of our chance to meet them.

Danielle: I’d love to see Paul back. When last season started, I couldn’t stand him- but as the season went on, he became one of my favorites. Not to mention, his diary room sessions were priceless.