Big Brother 17: Twins on the Chopping Block 9/10/2015

On Big Brother 17 tonight, the remaining Houseguests will do what they should have long ago and finally get rid of one of the Nolan twins. But will they make the right choice about which twin it will be going off to the Jury house this week?

Vanessa tries to keep her hold over Steve (CBS)

To any show fan, it should be fairly obvious which twin it should be who got evicted on Big Brother tonight when the votes are done and counted. Liz is obviously the bigger threat, as she has been better in competitions overall, and she has Austin as her showmance final two deal.

The problem is, Vanessa managed to talk herself right into a corner trying to get Liz out, and now she might actually be responsible for Julia getting the boot instead. Vanessa kept saying over and over that the twins could ‘choose’ which one of them would be evicted. But when Austin and the girls tricked Vanessa into basically revealing she really did want Liz out, her plan to sneakily get her out without blood on her own hands fell apart.

Backed into a corner, Vanessa started making demands of the Austwins to ensure they got her backing for Liz to stay. Which they agreed to, but then promptly told each other they had no intention of honoring those demands.

Going into the Big Brother eviction results show tonight, Vanessa still wants Liz out and there is always the possibility she could drag Steve and Johnny Mac along with her and accomplish that goal. It would be the smart thing to do for all of them. We think Vanessa may have finally lost her mojo, however, as Johnny Mac and Steve have been working a final four deal with Austin and Liz. So Liz could very well stay in the house despite all the logic against it, while Julia goes off to Jury.

We’ll see what goes down when tonight’s live eviction show kicks off at 9PM ET!

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