We’ve had some great Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds the past few days as the other Houseguests have finally started to truly realize Vanessa is indeed pulling everyone’s strings. The Austwins are sneaking around trying to trap her in lying to them, while Steve and John are starting to think maybe being Vanessa’s hangers-on isn’t the best way for them to make the final two.

Are Vanessa's plans finally unraveling? (CBS)

Are Vanessa’s plans finally unraveling? (CBS)

Right now, puppet master Vanessa basically holds all the cards in the house for Thursday’s eviction as the ‘swing’ vote between the two sides of the house. However, she may have finally dug a hole so deep for herself in trying to make things go her way, that she won’t be able to climb out of it.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Whether or not you like or dislike Vanessa on Big Brother 17, there is no denying she has masterfully survived week after week even when she was the biggest target on the block. Her ability to manipulate the other Houseguests with lies, tears, and self righteous anger is astounding. She has undoubtably been a driving force in every single eviction so far this season. Based on pure game play compared to everyone else this season, she should win.

However, unlike previous years, we just feel like this is more the fault of the other players not paying enough attention or making bad choices than it is Vanessa being some super genius player. Just our opinion, you can disagree. (Or you can go with the whole conspiracy theory that CBS has rigged the show for Vanessa to win in advance of launching her own CBS Poker Face series.)

Big Brother 17 Live Feeds

The past few weeks, Vanessa has been carefully (and sometimes not so carefully) tip-toeing between the Austwins and Steve/John in hopes of making sure she has every base covered to get to the finale. So far, she’s managed to carve away pieces of both sides bit by bit without ending up with the big target on her own back. Until now, that is.

This week, the Austwins have finally realized that Vanessa has been shoveling BS at them. Vanessa has been telling them that she will honor whatever choice the twins make about which of them goes home on Thursday night. Truth is, however, that she wants Liz out (which anyone should guess is best for her game) and she’s been working her mojo with Steve and John to make sure this happens.

Well, Austin and the twins basically told Vanessa (as a test) that they had decided Liz should stay in the game. Exactly the opposite of what Vanessa wants. Panicked over potentially having the reunited Liz and Austin up still up against her, rather than having Julia to manipulate solo as her final two pawn, Vanessa started making demands. (Catch the bulk of this back and forth on the Live Feeds just after 6:50 PM BBT on Tuesday evening.)

Big Brother 17 Live Feeds

In exchange for her vote to keep Liz instead of Julia this week, Vanessa has a list of demands (which pretty much tells the Austwins that Vanessa is totally working to undermine them).

1. They can’t put her up as an eviction nominee if any of them win HoH. (Hahahahahaha. No.)
2. If they get to final five and the nominations in that round are Steve and John, she gets to pick which one gets the boot. (Why would ANYONE ever agree to that?)
3. Liz and Austin have to agree that they will each promise to take her to the final two, as long as they both aren’t in the final three. So neither of them would take Steve or John instead of her. (Really? Because they have to know either of them stand a much better chance of winning over Steve/John than Vanessa. So no way.)

Of course, Liz and Austin agree to these outrageous plans, and now they’ve seen Vanessa’s plans for what they really are and know exactly what she wants. There is no way in hell they are going to bow to any of Vanessa’s demands, however. Liz has already told Julia as much. Plus, Austin is already working to get together with Steve and John to put together a final four deal with him and Liz.

If Vanessa really does help to make sure Liz stays this week, we don’t know what she is thinking. She could simply get with Steve and John and vote Liz out this week. We certainly think she is the bigger threat here to Vanessa getting to the final two. However, Vanessa has been reluctant all season to get the blood on her own hands and poison Jury members against her. So she’s probably hoping all will work out next week and either John or Steve will take out Liztin instead.

Unfortunately for Vanessa, we think it’s far more likely that she’ll end up having a newly combined final four deal coming after her unless she can win the next Head of Household.

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