Big Brother 17 Recap: Power of Veto & Final Nominations 9/9/2015

On Big Brother 17 tonight, fans get to watch the second showmance couple of the season battle it out in the Power of Veto. Unlike Clay, however, there is no chance that Austin is going to take any chance of getting the boot this week. He will be in it to win it for himself, not his alleged lady love Liz.

Steve has the Austwins in a headlock (CBS)
Steve has the Austwins in a headlock (CBS)

As for Liz, if she wins and uses the Power of Veto on herself, she knows she would likely be dooming her own sister to go up on the eviction block. No matter what happens with the Power of Veto Competition in week 11, it looks almost certain that one of the Austwins will be off to the Jury House next.

There are just two short weeks left in the Big Brother 2015 season and no one can relax even for a minute at this point. When the finale is over on September 23, one player will walk away with a half million dollars, and the person who makes it to the final two with them will land a cool $50,000. Third place gets nothing, and no one wants to be that third wheel at the end.

Austin is desperate to save his own skin. Liz has to worry for both herself and her sister, knowing that Austin isn’t about to sacrifice his game for her the way Clay pretty much did for Shelli. John and Steve are barreling through just trying like hell to survive the machinations of the other Houseguests from week to week. Meanwhile, in the middle of everything and everyone, Vanessa is working her tail off trying not to get caught at all her manipulations and suddenly ganged up on and voted out.

If you can’t wait to find out who won the Power of Veto and what happened at the Nomination Ceremony, check out our Big Brother spoilers page.

We are rushing quickly to the Power of Veto Competition tonight and as Live Feeds watchers we think we know why. There was quite a lot of fun drama after the PoV, and we’re hoping CBS is going to show a good chunk of it for the TV viewers.

Austin and Liz plan on throwing the Veto Competition to Julia if they can so that she can save Liz and they can then vote to keep Austin in the game. Things don’t turn out exactly as planned, however.

Mr. Pectacular Jessie Godderz, of Big Brother season 10, hosts the competition. Liz manages to oust Steve in the first round, which is great for the Austwins plan. But then Julia picks to go against Austin in the second round, effectively making sure one of her own alliance members would get knocked out. (Because Vanessa told her to and Julia obviously didn’t consult Liz and Austin about that.)

Austin apparently decides not to throw the comp to Julia and instead wins the round. Vanessa is going to have to answer for her urging Julia to pick Austin and thus end up getting herself eliminated.

John picks to go against Liz and beats her soundly. That’s when we have another ‘betrayal’ as Vanessa chooses to go against Austin rather than Johnny Mac. Austin is an angry Judas man and he trounces Vanessa in the round.

Finally we have Johnny Mac against Austin. Austin promises Johnny Mac that he has his back and no worries. Johnny Mac pretty much gives it to Austin and lets him win. So Austin has now won the Power of Veto. You can bet he isn’t about to sacrifice himself to take his lover Liz off the block or put her game first like Clay did with Shelli.

Austin’s ‘I’m so awesome’ attitude immediately pisses off Liz, who knows now she’s going to be stuck on the eviction block, probably against her sister. Liz and Austin are angry at Vanessa for telling Julia to go up against Austin, messing up all their plans. Vanessa starts crying and saying it was the right move and she has information for them, blah, blah, blah typical Vanessa manipulations.

Liz talks with Julia and Vanessa and the belief is that Austin was not going to throw the competition to Julia (and he didn’t) and that’s why Vanessa wanted Julia to go up against him. Liz smack talks about Austin and says he is certainly no Clay.

Vanessa and Austin go at it but Vanessa totally works everything around to make herself look like the innocent party in everything, again. After that, we have Liz and Austin going at it and it looks like it may be the end of Liztin (but we know there is more to this story from the Live Feeds). Julia and Liz go on an Austin bashing session full tilt, proving that the ‘mean girls’ title they have on Twitter is pretty spot on.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Austin uses the Power of Veto to save himself, forcing Steve to put up a renom. With Vanessa all up in his ear on one side, and his secret dealings with Johnny Mac on the other, he of course puts up Julia.

That leaves both twins on the block for the live eviction Thursday night. Which one do you think will be going home?

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