Big Brother 2014: The Bold and The Beautiful Big Brother Take Over [PHOTOS]

After Donny’s eviction, Julie announced that he was offered a guest starring role on The Bold and the Beautiful. Fans were delighted to know that this new opportunity was coming his way. Soon after Big Brother 2014 ended, other cast members shared news that they too would be on Donny’s Bold and the Beautiful episode.

BB Donny and Amber
Image via Amber Borzotra’s Twitter

While speaking to TVGuide, Donny disclosed a few details about his Bold new role. In the Big Brother 2014 house, many people assumed that Donny wasn’t really a groundskeeper, but something more glamorous. Some of the houseguests’ theories were that he was a ninja, doctor, scientist, or Harvard professor. The Bold and the Beautiful episode will play on those Donny conspiracy theories. “The Bold and the Beautiful will be lots of fun. They’ve got me wearing all sorts of outfits — surgeon, soldier, you name it. Wait till they see this back home,” Donny shared with TVGuide.

This isn’t the first time Big Brother alumni have appeared on the CBS soap opera. Everyone from Elissa Reilly-Slater to Jeff Schroeder have done guest appearances. Now Donny, joined by Amber, Devin, Caleb, Zach, Cody, Nicole, and Hayden will add their names to the list of Big Brother Bold and the Beautiful guest appearances. Elissa, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, and Brendon will also be apart of this episode. These Big Brother 2014 cast members will appear on a special Halloween episode of the series, set to air on Oct 30 and 31st.

In the TVGuide interview, Casey Kasprzyk, Supervising Producer of The Bold and the Beautiful, also addressed why he didn’t invite more of the Big Brother 2014 cast to appear on the show. “We were only limited by time and budget,” Kasprzyk said. “Otherwise, we would have invited even more houseguests. This was a season of terrific personalities.”

Yesterday, many of the Big Brother alumni posted pictures on social media of them hanging out and filming the episodes. You can check them out below.