Big Brother 2014: Frankie Addresses His Controversial Statements About Lesbians on ‘The Talk’ [VIDEOS]

The Big Brother 2014 cast have stayed busy since leaving the house. For the last couple days, they’ve done post-finale press, including an appearance on The Talk. Big Brother 16 winner, Derrick Levasseur, and his Team America partner, Frankie Grande, appeared on the show to discuss their time in the house and plans for the future. The women of The Talk also gave Frankie his first chance to explain one of his controversial statements.

Via Julie Chen's Instagram
Via Julie Chen’s Instagram

On The Talk, Derrick discussed winning the show, his big secrets, and his plans for the money. On the finale, Derrick joked that his wife, Jana, controls all of his prize money. He did reassure the Big Brother 2014 fans that some of it would go towards setting up a college fund for his daughter Tenley. Derrick also said that he would like to see Tenley on a future season of Big Brother. Big Brother 35: All-Stars’ Children Edition?

In the following clip, Derrick talks about how his cops skills allowed him to profile people and exploit their weaknesses. He mentioned that Frankie’s weakness was his pride and need to win things.

Most of Frankie’s interview included talking about his relationship with Zach, his Ariana secret, and wanting to become a host on The Talk. Frankie was asked by The Talk hosts if Zankie ever crossed the friendship line. Frankie responded, while wearing a Team Zach shirt, that he wasn’t sure, because the fans have a better idea of the things that happened between them in the house. In one clip, co-host Sara Gilbert asks Frankie about the statements he made about lesbians.

However, none of his other Big Brother 16 controversial statements were addressed in the interview.