Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Live Feeds Overnight Report – 8/8/2014

After a wild and crazy Double Eviction night, the Big Brother Live Feeds are usually a blast to watch and this Thursday night was no exception. From crying meltdowns to angry confrontations and mass confusion, we had a little bit of everything going on in the Big Brother 2014 house after the evictions this week.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

In our last Big Brother Live Feeds report, we left the Houseguests in somewhat of a state of chaos after the Double Eviction episode and Head of Household Competition.  Zach was saved, Jocasta was evicted, Hayden and Nicole were blindsided, and Hayden ended up going home in the second eviction. All seemed lost for Nicole without a real friend in the house, but then she ended up as one of the new Heads of Household with suck-up, lying, “I’m still your BFF” Christine.

12:05 AM – Nicole tells Christine that Frankie and Cody knew what was happening with Zach and that everyone was after her and Hayden. She says that Zach practiced his nomination speech in front of them, so they had to know. Christine says she is angry that Frankie knew about it.

12:09 AM – Christine tells Frankie she is going to put up Donny and Zach, and that Nicole is going to put up Caleb and Victoria. She says the plan is to backdoor Cody.

12:30 AM – Caleb says if he goes on the block with Victoria, he will throw the Battle of the Block because she will definitely go home before him. (Don’t count on that Caleb. Given the chance to get out a power player over Victoria, even if he was an ally… we’d pick blindsiding YOU!)

12:40 AM – Nicole tells Zach that she is not going to target him and they should work together. She swears to him that everyone was planning to vote him out. Zach doesn’t know who or what to believe at this point. He wants her to swear to God they were all plotting against him. She says absolutely.

12:45 AM – Christine has changed her mind and now she wants to put up Derrick and Donny on the block. She doesn’t want to put Zach up because he will get picssed at her. Nicole is on board with that. She says that it is weird but she thinks they can work with Zach.

1:05 AM – Caleb wants Nicole to put Frankie up on the block. Nicole is kind of wishy-washy with him and won’t really commit. She seems like maybe she wants to backdoor Frankie.

1:15 AM – Zach says that Nicole is going after Frankie this week for a backdoor. He says Nicole is after Frankie and Christine. Cody isn’t sure about this. Caleb says if he gets put up he is going after you and you are his target. He says he wanted Zach up with Hayden because he knew Hayden would go home and it would be good TV.

1:25 AM – Nicole and Zach talk in the Hive room and they mutually agree that Frankie and Christine are dangerous and can’t be trusted. Zach says he hates Christine and Frankie is dead to him. It’s a long talk well worth a rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Zach tells Nicole a lot of stuff that has been going on behind her back and the truth about the Detonators.

1:40 AM – Team America’s new mission is revealed to somehow convince someone to go on the block as a pawn, and then get them evicted.

1:48 AM – Cody and Zach talk about Frankie telling Nicole she should put up Cody, Zach, Caleb, and Derrick. Zach says he hates Frankie and he is going to backstab him. He wants her to put Frankie up on the block. Zach says that Chrsitine and Frankie told Nicole and Hayden about The Detonators and that Zach tried to make that alliance just a few days ago.

2:00 AM – Christine and Nicole get their HoH rooms, baskets, letters and stuff. Christine gets a sappy letter from her husband. Nicole gets a letter from her friend Kaitlin.

2:30 AM – Zach tells Derrick and Cody that he blew up the Detonators to Nicole. He says that he told Nicole the real deal about the Detonators alliance. They can’t believe Zach would do that. Zach tells them that she also revealed to him about The Rationale alliance.

2:35 AM – Caleb tells the guys that Frankie is upstairs screwing them all over with Nicole. He says Frankie is trying to get him, Derrick, Cody, and Zach up on the block this week.

3:00 AM – Derrick talks to Nicole and he is steamrolling over Zach with the bus. He is trying to get Zach up as the pawn to be evicted for the Team America mission. Nicole tells him that she is now working with Zach. He tells her this is a bad idea and that Zach is a lying, untrustworthy snake.

3:15 Am – Caleb talks to Derrick and Nicole and for some insane reason, volunteers to go on the block. (People who volunteer are just idiots.) He says he will do it to get Frankie out and throw the Battle of the Block. He says he will sit right on the ground and do nothing if he has to.

That’s pretty much a wrap for the overnight. Stay tuned for more in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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