Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 29 & 30 Highlights: No Lover’s Paradise

It was a busy Big Brother 19 weekend: Head of Household Paul Abrahamian continued his plan to convince Jessica Graf to not save her boyfriend, Cody Nickson. Normally, we would find it ridiculous that someone would even try to get another houseguest to not save their closest ally. However, if Big Brother 19 has been anything, it has been ridiculous.

Big Brother 19-Cody Nickson

It was a Big Brother 2017 weekend filled with tears, pranks, and break ups. Here’s a quick rundown of this weekend’s Big Brother 19 events.

Couple Drama

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf

Due to Paul’s interference, we experienced a lot of Big Brother 19 showmance drama. Elena Davies decided to distance herself due to Paul’s request. He tried the same strategy on Jessica. However, Cody and her separated for awhile but eventually came back together.

Cody made it his mission to push Jessica away. He wanted her to not use the Hex on him, and let him go. The couple had a major blowout when Paul told Jessica that Cody wanted to keep Alex Ow and Jason Dent in the house so that they could go after Raven Walton and her.

Jessica tried to get confirmation from Matt Clines about Paul’s claims. Matt said whatever was said in the beginning didn’t matter now. Mark Jansen told Jessica the same thing. Jessica was willing to let it go, but Cody got really defensive when Jessica questioned his loyalty. He said he didn’t know if he wanted to be with her in the real world if she really couldn’t trust him.

Eventually, Cody and Jessica reconciled, but we expect this sort of back and forth to happen all week.

Elena decided to end her showmance with Mark. This was based on a suggestion given by Paul, who claimed it was the best way to improve Elena’s game. Meanwhile, he was plotting to get her out after Cody. Elena distanced herself to the point where she got closer to Josh Martinez, and even talked badly about Mark behind his back.

The Veto Plan

Big Brother 19-Jessica Graf and Paul Abrahamian

As expected, Paul won the Power of Veto. He originally planned to use it to take down Jason. This would have resulted in no one going on the block as a replacement. However, Paul started to wonder if the real power of the Hex made Jessica choose someone to save. They didn’t believe she could save more than one player.

Paul devised a plan to remove Jessica from the block and put up Elena as the replacement. Therefore, Jessica would have to choose between saving Elena or Cody, and the house still wins because she loses an ally either way.

In another attempt to convince Jessica that getting rid of Cody was good for the house, Jessica and Paul had a long talk. She told him that the only way she would get rid of Cody is if the house made and kept two promises.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow and Paul Abrahamian

First, they had to give her two additional weeks of safety (not counting her Hex week), and they had to target Alex next. Everyone had to agree to target Alex or no deal. Paul agreed to both demands, and then made the house lie about targeting Alex.

Jessica even thought that Paul might use the Veto on her, and put up Alex as the replacement nominee. Then Jessica hoped she could still save Cody without using the Hex. Cody basically told her not to believe the houseguests (he was right).

As of now, Paul’s Veto plans are still up in the air.

Mark Finally Starts Playing the Game

Big Brother 19 Cast

As always, Paul tells his minions to make it clear to Jessica that she needs to let Cody go or she’ll become enemy number one. Everyone agrees to it, except Mark pretends to be on-board, but really isn’t following orders.

He gives Paul misinformation about what he tells Jessica, and Jessica’s plans with the Hex. Jessica and Mark have a conversation where she asks him for advice on using it. She says that she doesn’t want to give Paul the satisfaction of getting out Cody, especially with how Paul’s been treating Cody.

Jessica also says that she wants Cody there to help her game. However, she’s noticing changes in Cody’s mood and behavior. She doesn’t want to keep him in the game if it’s not good for his mental health. So she’s really conflicted.

Mark offers a sympathetic ear. He also tells her how he respects her for standing by Cody, unlike Elena who left him and budded up to Josh. Mark also says that he would love to see Jessica use the Hex as a gameplayer and fan of Big Brother.

Jessica decides that she wants to use the Hex, but only if Cody still wants to stay and play. We’ll have to see how this all plays out, and if Mark continues to be a disloyal minion.

Paul Plans to Push Cody to his Limit

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Raven Walton

Paul has told the other Big Brother 19 houseguests that he wants to break Cody. He started by putting vaseline on the door and on the coffee pot that Cody uses the most. Just little things to get under his skin. He also said he plans to scream at Cody like a drill sergeant.

Paul also planned to take verbal shots at Cody during his Power of Veto ceremony speech. He encouraged Jason to play up being scared of Cody. Jessica asked Paul to not aggravate Cody anymore, and he agreed to not do it. However, this is Paul, who doesn’t know when enough is enough.

The veto ceremony could get explosive if Paul goes againsts Jessica’s wishes and verbally attacks Cody during his speech. We’ll have to wait later today to see how it all plays out.

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